Server room v2 / 13.01.2006 20:02:01 Don Turtuma
Servers on top:
1. The one running VC1 servers and Freelancer TNG
2. Server running VC2 servers, on top of the server is the switch for all servers on this shelf, this one is connected to another switch which is in my kitchen which connects rest of my PCs to the LAN, I have lot's of cables all around the house :)
3. Router / DVB recorder, the gateway is connected to this PC

On next shelf:
1. DNS 1
2. DNS 2
3. Web server
4. And another name server

On bottom shelf is small UPS, the switch for the servers on the shelf above and the gateway.

On the floor is the file / Ventrilo server.

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19.01.2006 17:13:25 by Don Turtuma
Wow! That's a really cool server room! ;)
(Just testing the commenting system...)

18.08.2006 16:49:32 by ole dognes
sweet server room, it seems you have pumped a lot of time money and effort in this, nice :)

24.09.2006 04:38:58 by zero
all them towers must of cost a lot of money man -must have put a lot of money into this and time into this n1

18.07.2007 13:19:47 by IJ
What do you do in your spare time.Good one.

23.03.2008 21:12:32 by GoodGirl
holy fuck :o

01.04.2008 08:45:55 by Chavez_US
Holy hell Don...there are alot of computers there...wheres the commodore 64? -Rick

01.04.2008 08:54:30 by Don Turtuma
C64 wouldn't make a very good server. :)

Besides, that picture is a bit old, I should take a new one, there's been some changes in the server room. :)

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