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Alpha Team [AT]
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Uploaded15.09.2008 18:17:46 / AT
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Description[AT]Towers_In_Haze+ (update 20.9.2008!!!)
Coop map for VC1 created by Vaclav, Alpha Team,

The Vietcong is reputedly building a secret base in the ruins of ancient temple. Probably there is an underground storage in that area. Kill the all enemies in the base and try to find the mentioned storage.

[AT]Towers_In_Haze+ is a new version of [AT]Towers_In_Haze map.
There were some bugs and problems in the first version of the map:
Wooden cover of entry into the original underground tunnel (NVA Base) was destroyable by grenade. That wooden cover was replaced by a new object.
Long ladder was placed directly opposite the entry into the tower. Climbing player could be killed easily by VC on stairs in the tower. That ladder was moved to the right. Moreover the ladder was replaced by new (nicer) model.
Some VCs in the underground could penetrate partly through the panel wall so waypoints were moved farther from the wall.

Some improvements:
Now the dropped weapons donīt disappear.
VCs can use the ladders in map (it is possible to see climbing down VCs - very funny :-) )

Coop - 10 players, 53 VCs


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17.02.2010 18:11:25 by andy
very nice map one of my faves!

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