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FilenameTMG-MedicPatrolB6.7z (580) Download Link to file
Size8532 KB
Uploaded15.03.2008 19:50:44 / Don Turtuma
Downloads891 / 05.04.2023 23:59:55
DescriptionThis is the version I made for the TMG birthday party 15.03.2008! It's my first map release in 2-3 years...


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22.12.2010 13:03:22 by zook
just wanted to express my humble opinion after long agonizing sessions that this is worthless unbalanced piece of shit.(version with unfair M60 snipers!)

22.12.2010 15:57:15 by Don Turtuma
Well, it's not supposed to be perfectly balanced or fair. Quite frankly I just got tired of figuring out the way to make the M60s work. Besides, the map is still a BETA! ;)

27.10.2011 09:56:26 by kRAKATOA
There is some work done, it's even Tighten, but this is not bad

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