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Vietcong 2
FilenameVC2_v1.10.7z (610) Download Link to file
Size8216 KB
Uploaded17.10.2008 21:33:43 / Don Turtuma
Downloads356 / 17.05.2022 00:30:09
DescriptionVietcong 2 v1.10 patch for manual installation, just extract to your Vietcong 2 folder and overwrite files. This is for the ENGLISH version of the game!


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18.10.2008 20:07:36 by Ike
back to online? welcome to [PLATOoN] site to get the latest maps. was nice surprize to see tmg server in vc2 serverlist.
why password?

23.10.2008 15:41:08 by Don Turtuma
It was just a test, but now the server is running without a password. We'll see if it stays online...

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