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FilenameLangLy-Ruins.rar (622) Download Link to file
Size11637 KB
Uploaded10.11.2008 06:27:19 / Solar
Downloads591 / 01.12.2022 22:15:06
Description6 player COOP: "You can respaw in the two bunkers ! Get out and kill all VC in the Jungle. The ennemies must be twenty or more... Good luck - (it is very important to have a good PC)"

12 player ATG: "LangLy-Ruins is a very good map for the ATG Killall mode ! Just a life for each, with the enemies behind some ruins in a small jungle."

12 player CTF: "Be careful with the kill-respawn. You must securise your area before, then to protect your flag and finally attack the ennemies and take their flag !"

12 player DM: "No rules. You must kill everybody ! It's a deathmatch."

12 player TDM: "Team Deathmatch in a small jungle with several ruins."

12 player RW: "It's a good mode. There are 4 flags. Be careful with this jungle because LangLy-Ruins is a very dangerous map !"

Map made by Kjeldorius.


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