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Vietcong 2
Filenamehai_lang.rar (623) Download Link to file
Size38668 KB
Uploaded22.11.2008 04:35:34 / Solar
Downloads1513 / 10.08.2022 23:27:40
Description"My vc2 map is done.

Its including COOP_VC (first time in vc2) and COOP_US with randomly used AI vehicle animations.(every time you start the game its choosing randomly vehicle animation from 12 animations)
So the coop is bit different every time.

I was copying some parts from other maps and change those. Thought before that its good idea but it wasn't. Example one village is from Frontier and the houses was full of useless faces and texture bugs.
The other parts of map is created quite easily and its bit empty because I want good FPS.

So you can rate my work and give me suitable job.
Don't be to hard, its my second full size map and I am still learning."

Map created by Ando.


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