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Filenamevietcong_v160.exe (1) Download Link to file
Size43053 KB
Uploaded20.03.2004 14:24:53 / Don Turtuma
Downloads3527 / 11.09.2021 11:49:58
DescriptionVietcong v1.60 patch for the UK/Euro version of the game


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29.05.2006 08:29:41 by spidershadow
thank u very much this is helpful

22.05.2008 00:21:38 by GoodGirl
thx :D

16.07.2009 20:00:32 by Jesper "The Dane"
Damn good mission
Intense feeling and the bloody gooks are awesome
Thx, for a quality A-mission

28.08.2010 07:31:46 by LT.Goldman
Thank you very much sir for the patch upload 2004-2010 still playing on tour (:

21.01.2011 05:30:01 by krathong
Hello, could you upload this map for me please?

Mode: Tourcoop
Mission: Destroy AA, Eliminate Commander and clear the base.
Description: 57 VCs, 6 Players team.

made by Krathong

09.02.2013 17:27:26 by polini

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