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FilenameMCFThanok.rar (686) Download Link to file
Size27339 KB
Uploaded14.01.2012 03:38:19 / Exper
Downloads241 / 09.02.2023 00:03:01
DescriptionThanok by [MCF]Tocra@

"It is finally ready :!:

Small a map but with very beautiful effects of lightmaps.
Tunnels, doors with commands, river and cascades
bunkers etc?
All the objects on the map have lightmaps.
Four mods playable CTF, ATG_PILOT, COOP, DMC.
In MOD DMC a player can find himself in prison, it will be necessary that somebody releases him or he will have to commit suicide.

All my thanks to Bidi and to Frantz" [MCF]Tocra@


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