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Alpha Team [AT]
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Uploaded09.06.2016 21:06:23 / AT
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Coop map for VC1 modified by Forman, Alpha Team,

Map is based on the XIENG_XEU_BETA_01 map by Chavez. There are added fog (visibility about 85 m) and some objects (rocks, stones, towers, huts,...). Respawn points are moved to another place of the map.

A recent air reconnaissance revealed a small fortified place in the Houaphan province in Northeastern Laos. It is surrounded by large limestone mountains and rice fields. Your elite team will parachute 2 km from the target and strike at dusk. Your mission is to take out all enemy forces in this remote area. Take no prisoners, all enemy forces must die?

10 players
52 VCs


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