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Vietcong 2
FilenameFistBravo_1.1.rar (506) Download Link to file
Size5523 KB
Uploaded06.12.2006 15:23:26 / Deadfast
Downloads1833 / 14.10.2021 19:41:14
DescriptionA new version of a Vietcong 2 modification made by IndiGLOW studios.

Instalation: Run "Patcher.exe". This will launch an installation program that will lead you thru the rest of installation.
Do NOT forget to remove previous version of Fist Bravo and any other mods from you Vietcong2 folder before installing !

Changes from previous version:
-Texdb issue of white walls in Hue City/Citadel related maps (Park DM etc)
-Unicode error with French and German etc. Languages
-Missing text in all languages
-3pv Smoke grenade now appears in player hands
-re-evalulated CTF/ASSAULT weapon lists; especially so that M16A1 is more class specific
-bigger difference between AK and Chicom (Ak is now more superior)
-reduced weapon stay times to 2.5 mins from 5 to prevent 'weapon graveyards'
-More historical weapon names
-3pv grenade skins appearing mirrored
-update M67 grenade menu icon

New Content
-modified thompson, xm177e1 and vz.59 sight
-new vc pith helmet in green

-Project Co-ordinators-
Luke 'Oi Oi' Stafford
Andrew 'Andyman' Forster

-Fist Bravo Project Leader-
Jayden 'Zulto' Zullo

-3DSMax Technician-
Ron 'Major Pain' Richter

-Text Translators-
Christophe 'engager Baleine' Robert (French, Spanish, Italian)
Petr Deadfast (Czech)
Ron 'Major Pain' Richter (German)

-Very Special Thanks-
Jiri 'Shigor Birdman' Matyskiewicz

-Beta Testers-
Kylie 'Dynamite' Holdstock
)(tc RaptorM60
)(tc MauT!nek
)(tc Dogg


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