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FilenameVET_HAMBURGERHILL.rar (505) Download Link to file
Size17530 KB
Uploaded23.11.2006 19:14:00 / Chavez
Downloads1017 / 14.09.2021 22:26:40
DescriptionThis was one of our first releases for VC1. It had several issues that were fixed...

Grow.dat was removed (caused alot of problems for players)
Sandbags were fixed
New scripts were put in (Youll like SAS Oz's scripts)
VET logos added in a few places
Snakes added
Lights placed in the tunnels atop
Flashlight activated in scripts
Weapons stay on the ground when you die (for TeamCoop players)
More waypoints added/changed
Handmap works
AI tweaked for different personalities (10 different personalities all random in each grouping)...every restart the AI will each have a different personality...

This map was made for both Coop ( 10 US Soldiers versus 51 VC )
and CTF ( 25 US Soldiers versus 25 Vietnamese )

Enjoy this as we did the last several nights of beta testing...

V.E.T.ME.T. (VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam)


Visit our website at your convemience...


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