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Vietcong (343) Download Link to file
Size37163 KB
Uploaded09.09.2005 18:16:31 / Don Turtuma
Downloads2375 / 21.06.2021 12:17:16
DescriptionName of the map : DamNhaPhu
Creators : Kjeldorius & Xeron
Size : 36.5 Mb
Players max : 30 (DM-TDM-DMC-TDMC)
Players min : 8 (Coop per objectives)

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17.11.2008 10:40:30 by ::drzook::
this map has several serious bugs!
f.e. you have to open both prison gates just in case
and sometimes is impossible to blow up missile.

03.12.2008 04:38:50 by ::drzook:: almost impossible to finish this map coz' of serious chopper stuck in air on last mission...other than that beautiful map!

03.12.2014 22:33:37 by VCG freddy
This is the End of the Mission!

31.01.2015 22:20:13 by styvi
One of the best coop-maps i know until now.
Last times this map was played by me and friends no bugs were detected. Open second jail is task/assignment not a bug!
GAME-engine VC Fist Alpha patchlevel 1.6 - 16bit textures into sys ram - res 1280x1024 - working on p4 3.0 with 2GB DDR and ASUS FX9590

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