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FilenameParameter.rar (321) Download Link to file
Size24338 KB
Uploaded19.06.2005 01:35:30 / Chavez
Downloads1978 / 05.12.2021 20:19:22
DescriptionThis is Nix's masterpiece which won Pterodons Custom map Contest,...good job Nix and those who helped develop it...

General Info:
Parameter was primarily built for CTF, although it also contains other modes.
The map is small/medium sized and has a quite simple concept;
the river is dividing US and VC side.
Ideal both for close & long distance combat...

Exclusive Features:
- Two daylight settings: sunny noon time & afternoon/dusk rainy weather!

- Both VC & US Coop modes!

Game modes:

ATG (12pl.) Assault team game.

ATG with bots (8pl.) Assault team game with/against ai.

CTF (12pl.) Capture the flag.

CTF with bots (8pl.) Capture the flag with/against ai.

CoopUS (6pl.) US Cooperative.

CoopVC (6pl.) VC Cooperative.

DM (12pl.) Death match.

DMC (12pl.) Death match classic.
Same as DM but you can select weapon at the beginning.

TCA (20pl.) Team coordinated assault. (20pl.)
A map has 2 flags per side, the team must capture both
and coordinate the return of the flags to the base,
so they arrive back within a short period of time.
US base is watchtower, while VC's base are ladders.

TDM (12pl.) Team death match.

TDMC (12pl.) Team death match classic.
Same as TDM but you can choose weapon at the beginning.


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27.04.2006 11:41:52 by robertson
Good job!!

13.02.2007 17:49:03 by Maradona
nice map!!!

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