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Filename Description Size Category Date[JPV] Tet Offensive source code for the Vietcong editor

To download the actual working map ([JPV] Tet Offensive Beta 3) click here.
5033 KB
30.12.2004 12:55:18
jpv-moorland-code.zipJPV Standard Scripts Pack - Example 2

Feature and Keyword
1. Display objectives: Clear_Objectives(),Add_Obj(),Complete_Obj(),Fail_Obj()
2. Speech AI: SC_P_Speech2(),SC_P_GetWillTalk()
3. Side change AI (hide pilot): SC_P_ChangeSideGroupMemId()
7716 KB
26.12.2004 10:59:40
jpv-scripts-pack.zipJPV Standard Scripts Pack


1. Change of a recovery point.
2. Random arrangement of an enemy.
3. Support of Friendly AI.
4. The end conditions by the "point".
5. Respawn method "WholeTeam" has no recovery.
6. Weapons do not disappear.
7. End conditions are three, All Kill, LZ, and target exclusion.
8. Fog randomizing (a field of view also synchronizes).

These functions can be used very easily.
ON/OFF of a function... Rename of Waypoint... Only it!

and Tips.
Sorry Japanese Onry.
Please translate into your language.
8628 KB
26.12.2004 10:58:28
SwampBattelUST2S_Final.zipSwampBattleUST2S conversion by WRX_02_227

- Coop mode only

- 10 players

- 40 VC

- Flashlight works! Very handy for reading hand map ;-)

Thank you to Perdurabo for his help getting the flashlights working.
Thanks to Pvt. Dj Swift, Cowboy, Twilight Dark, and Capt. Gray for their help with Beta testing.

18508 KB
10.12.2004 18:29:01
TMG-PoTlongKaraiB1.rarTMG-PoTlongKarai BETA 1 by Don Turtuma, based on the Vietcong single player campaign


- Only TourCoop game mode
- New mission type for Coop: Bombing
- Camo gear

This release includes the latest version of my (Tour)Coop script.

Read the included TMG-PoTlongKaraiB1.txt file for more information.
8701 KB
05.12.2004 15:44:06
TMG-MedicPatrolBeta5.rarTMG-MedicPatrol BETA 5 by Don Turtuma, based on the Vietcong single player campaign mission.


- Play Coop as a Vietcong fighter!
- ATG, CTF, Coop, KOTH, TourCoop and TT game modes
- New mission type for Coop: Assassination
- Mission objective: Assassinate the Cpt.Rosefield!
- AI uses mounted weapons
- New game modes: TourCoop and KOTH (King of the Hill)

This release has the latest versions of my (Tour)Coop and KOTH game scripts.

Read the included TMG-MedicPatrolBeta5.txt file for more information.
8582 KB
04.12.2004 15:17:52

- 10 player support for Coop mode

- Coop only!

- GREATLY improved FPS :-)

Many thanks to UST2S, The Tour of Teamrespawn, and The Meat Grinder players for beta testing, giving input, finding bugs.

Special thanks to Pvt. Dj Swift for creating the lookout stands, Don Turtuma with some scripting assistance, Xtreme and Perdurabo for helping me increase the FPS.

Have fun, and make sure you bring a helmet and a few friends with you into battle.
5804 KB
10.11.2004 00:55:20
Le Pont De La Mort.rarLe Pont De La Mort (=M.D.R.=)

Thanks to the map author!

Enjoy this one !
9170 KB
06.11.2004 05:39:04
If.....wmvA collection of clips and screenshots featuring some of our regulars.

Hope you enjoy!

BTW, If you download it to a target, rather than click "Download" you will have to add '.wmv' to the end of the file name (thx WRX).
23668 KB
21.10.2004 20:44:30
Cambodia_UST2S_AMB.zipCambodia_UST2S_AMB map (Ambiance)

Re-Modded: by Cowboy 10/12/04

Scripting: by WRX_02_227 & Cowboy

Modeling help: Vietcommando

Average FPS: 20 to 45 (this all depends on your machine)

Size: 18MB

Teams: US 10, VC 53

Special Ai: Super sniper ("I been hit!" Body bag!), Crazy VC (Look out, he's coming right at us!), and Tuff man VC (OMG, I dumped a whole clip into that #%&3*!).

Easter eggs: yes

Bugs: you tell me. PM Cowboy at (This is the final version and no update will be made unless I made a big mistake somewhere.)

*Updated map setting: This is the same map as the Cambodia_UST2S the only changes are...
1. The Ambiance lighting effects from the white/gray fog (I had some people saying it looked like snow was all around them.).
2. A few more waypoints for the Ai to run around to. Nothing much but they can get to some more empty zones, and moved some starting placments of the Ai.
3. The Jap skull has been updated.
4. Sunk some trees and brush that was above ground.
5. The lower ladder has been fixed for easyer access.
6. Tree sniper will not jump out anymore. (I hope)
6. OK I have got a few replys that the Ai is just to darn easy, so I have improved on there abliltys to dish it out more! (OMG! We'll will never win... Oh yes you will, it just takes team work!) OK, OK just 2 of them have been updated because they just looked at you and did nothing, now they are bezerker mad men ready to die for there country... and they will.

Hope you enjoy this updated map. Remember tactics are the key to success in this map, a "Rambo" will die in seconds!

Beta testers: WRXs, Raptor, Themaster, Liveround, DJ, Viet, Capt. Gray, Spookey, [LaG]M0dding, and a whole lot more... again.

I learned alot while making this Mod and gained some skills I didn't have before, and just wanted to thank the VC community in helping me along the way.

and remember "Let he who harms the dead get the boot!"

UST2S, Cowboy and the rest involved with making this map accept no responsibility if the warning is not headed.
If you do decide to disrespect the dead warrior and something occurs, just say "no".
17655 KB
13.10.2004 09:29:11
Ali3ns_BS.wmvDedicated to Clan Ali3nz

Maps: NvaBase
Match from 1" Cong-Force Italian Trophy Cup
Clan: Ali3nz vs =BS=

Oh my God, Sometime a little Grenade can make the difference from a victory in draw, but at the end, is a very excite round!.

Encoded with Canopus ProCoder in .WMV
47241 KB
02.10.2004 06:07:27
TA_vs_SWAT.wmvDedicated to Clan *TA*

Maps: ThreeCanyons
Match from 1" Cong-Force Italian Trophy Cup
Clan: *TA* vs =SWAT=

You can see *TA* Zamira Sventrapa start from VC Flag, run and kill, dribbling the enemy US Soldiers, take the USA Flag and Score a Beatiful Point!

Encoded with Canopus ProCoder in .WMV
43679 KB
01.10.2004 06:00:36
BS_Massacro.wmvDedicated to my Friend =BS= Massacro

Maps: IndianCountry
Match from 1" Cong-Force Italian Trophy Cup
Clan: =BS= vs Ali3nz

Encoded with Canopus ProCoder in .WMV
32147 KB
29.09.2004 05:38:54
BS_CraccoJampa.wmvDedicated to my Friends =BS= CraccoMan and =BS= Jamp@Joker

Maps: IndianCountry
Match from 1" Cong-Force Italian Trophy Cup
Clan: =BS= vs Ali3nz

Encoded with Canopus ProCoder in .WMV
31194 KB
29.09.2004 02:52:46
USA_Dragunov.wmvWhat it is???? This is a very very ultra Bug in Vietcong. Monzilla are VC and select Sniper Dragunov but the admin swap Monzilla to Usa. And Monzilla USA Sniper dead and respawn with Dragunov!!!! Also after Restart Map!!!.

Encoded with Canopus Encoder 2 in WMV Format.

Song: Why is Everyone Mad - Oliver Onions (A Bud Spencer & Giuliano Gemma film)

15857 KB
23.09.2004 03:27:30
=CFO= PePPeMessoMalex_1st.wmvTribute for =CFO= PePPeMessoMalex in a beatiful training over the RiverDale, Special Thanks to =CFO= Arch-Angel for dead a lot of time and loose the Dragunov :D

RE-Encode with Canoplus Encoder in Windows Media Player 9 for a better quality than the previuos version in Divx 5.05 and are also more small to download it!.

44609 KB
20.09.2004 10:36:08
Cambodia_UST2S.zipUST2S Cambodia map

Modded: by Cowboy 9/15/04

Scripting: by WRX_02_227

Modeling help: Vietcommando (A regular 3DsMax Di'Vinchi)

Average FPS: 20 to 45

Size: 17MB

Coop Support only!

Teams: US 10, VC 52

Special Ai: Super sniper ("I been hit!" Bodybag!), Crazy VC (Look out, he's comming right at us!), and Tuffman VC (OMG, I dumped a whole clip into that @3& 7#%&3$!).

Easter eggs: yes (don't expect much)

Bugs: you tell me. PM Cowboy at

Hope you enjoy the map.
17408 KB
17.09.2004 12:20:44

Coop Re-do by WRX_02_227

Thanks to Xtreme for allowing UST2S to redo his map with new Coop A.I.

- Coop mode only

- 10 Players

- 50 VC

Hope you enjoy.

This might be my last map for VC.

18462 KB
12.09.2004 10:06:16
VCSkinTutorial_en.pdfTutorial for new Vietcong skins by [VCK]Mike944 KB
10.09.2004 18:46:15
SecondTrailNightUST2S.zipSecondTrailNightUST2S from Pvt. Dj Swift

- Coop only

- 10 player support

- 54 VC
7668 KB
06.09.2004 10:38:45
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