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VET_WATERFALL.rarRumors have surfaced that a large platoon of VC have decided to take R&R at nearby waterfall. Take your squad of Elite soldiers and wipe them out while they least expect it...(8 US soldiers vs. 32 well trained VC)

Visit at your convenience for the latest in Coop news and VC2...
8649 KB
18.09.2005 01:01:34
VET_DUSTCITY.rarUrbanized warfare setting at dawn in the Dust City...The VC are trying to protect their city, which has been supplying enemy forces in the area. Your mission is to incapacitate Vietnamese forces which guard the precious cargo.

Dawn lighting with spotlights, camoflauge skins (provided by Tommy Bones), 10 US soldiers vs. 54 hostile VC, and new object placements including a custom Buddha in the temple...

Visit our website during R&R at
14686 KB
31.08.2005 05:16:47
VET_DAHNTU.rarWe found an interesting map in the editor and decided to make it CTF, DM, TDM, and ATG. This is a perfect map made for total mayhem clan battles or just for fun...This map is too small for making it Coop.
1514 KB
31.08.2005 05:13:33
VET_AMBUSHVCCoop.rarThe U.S. soldiers are attempting to hold a group of islands off the coast. We must not allow the yanks to estblish a stronghold on our soil. We attack immediatley during daylight hours, and show no mercy!

Coop Mode - 10 VC soldiers vs. 52 well armed Americans...Good Luck!
23263 KB
28.08.2005 04:07:38
TheGatheringFamily.wmvNico73's testament to the Gathering of Friends.36874 KB
17.08.2005 21:34:26
RisingSun_VET_KHOTHAN.rarVCK's MOD single player version we have converted to Coop. The supply truck has been ambushed at the dam, and we cannot afford to lose the precious cargo to the Vietcong. Take your Elite team of soldiers and wipe out all VC and recover the supplies. Good luck!

10 US players vs. 43 Vietcong

5478 KB
31.07.2005 04:40:34
goodday-vietcongcoop-01_byGM.avithis is my first tribute to the world of coop.
time will show, if there will be a sequel.

worth notice:
this movie is based uppon ingame footage ONLY.
NO external audio or video was added!
everything you hear .. or see .. was perceivable on the servers.

i only took the freedom to cut and mix it up a bit ... add some video or audio from one scene to another scene .. and so on ..

i hope you enjoy this movie as much as i do ..
thnx for downloading
yours ... 1.Lt Tomas "green monkey" duMort
52281 KB
26.07.2005 15:07:39

Author Chris Tsamados aka *Cpl. Elias*

I decided to remake my AshuaValley map. I have included more cover at the beginning and have deleted lots of bushes and colliisions at the turn in the road past the bunker, which was a real bitch to get past.

The map includes the modified Coop scripts, so you get weapons staying on the ground, and funky music if you complete the map. Theres also a TourCoop mode this includes bleeding, no kill chart and the map resets itself when everyone dies.

4371 KB
14.07.2005 09:44:48
TMG-BigRiver_part1_v1.rarTMG-BigRiver_part1_v1 by Tommy Bonez

Patrol down the river

45 VCs 10player

! Camo Gear !
13809 KB
13.07.2005 17:29:20
TMG-Stream_v1.rarTMG-Stream_v1 by Tommy Bonez

Conversation of the Single Player Stream !

Coop only

35 VCs - 8 players

! Camo Gear !
8015 KB
13.07.2005 13:35:05
tdmc.cTDMC script, based on the TDM example script from the Vietcong SDK.

The difference to the normal TDM is that players can choose their weapons and weapons placed on the map are disabled.
6 KB
09.07.2005 14:30:49

The Vietcong have been waiting for this opportunity for some time. Vietnamese female comrads have kept the American capitalists entertained overnight with sex and alcohol. The American GI's will be tired, relaxed, and unsuspecting of an attack at dawn. this is a great attempt by the Vc to rid its motherland of the imperialist invaders...

12 VC vs. 52 US soldiers

9991 KB
30.06.2005 03:59:16

We decided to make a jungle terrain suitable for COOP and CTF. This is a custom map which was made for the Custom Map Contest at Pterodon. This is my first map made using 3dsmax6 combined with the PteroEngine Editor. Thanks to all the helpful ideas, suggestions from VETMET in the maiking of this great map. I like to give the following special thanks to:

TRAVX for the Handmap, Rain, Most all waypoints,
OZ for the BATTLEMODEAGR scripts,
Victor Charles/Jeepers for VC uniforms and weapons

And to the following VETMET team and Beta testers: Shecky,TRAVX, Murphy, Maddie, OZ, Jeepers, Solar, Victor Charles, Doc Savage, SLY, Trinity, Arroz, ZevenUp, Bling, August, Agt. Smith

This map has 12 US soldiers vs 52 VC (Coop)
and has 28 U.S. vs. 28 Vietcong (CTF)

Map features Two Bases (VC & US) , plenty of tunnels, forified bunkers and machineguns, strategically placed VC (Coop) and flags/ammo boxes (CTF), Stream, Waterfall, and jungle terrain w/ ambients...HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE!!!!

27462 KB
18.06.2005 05:04:38

You are part of a hand-picked elite team of twelve soldiers. Two choppers have been shot down. Your mission is the recoverey of any survivors. The Vietcong are expecting a search and rescue effort, and will meet you with heavy resistance. So be prepared. Good luck, and expect the unexpected...

(52 total VC - 12 player map)

Visit our website during R&R
16590 KB
14.06.2005 10:22:29

This is a CANCELED project !!
Fog bug on terrain ...

Coop Game mode only

56 VCs
20054 KB
27.05.2005 19:45:10

some quickly thrown together parts of the funny beta test from 9th May 2005

18951 KB
10.05.2005 16:17:33
Parameter_showreel01.zipNix showcases his map "Parameter"27997 KB
06.05.2005 14:12:22

A slightly changed Ambush version
features :

Camo Gear !

10 US Players - 54 VCs

Coop and TourCoop modes

TourCoop containing :
Destroy 2 AA Guns

To win the map in TourCoop mode either Kill All VCs !OR! Destroy 2 AA Guns
19577 KB
20.04.2005 17:19:33
VET_3CANYONS.rarYour 12-man elite team should have no problem clearing out the canyon area along the Song Nong River. This strategic waterway is vital to control, and the 50 VC will have something to say about your insertion into this important location. Intel reports several VC snipers are in the area, stay alert!3719 KB
17.04.2005 21:25:10
TMG-TrainingCamp_v2.rarThe Training Camp version 2

Get some Training in Coop
TourCoop (bleeding)

16 players
47 VC

-might get another update ... IF I find time-
11359 KB
16.04.2005 17:32:28
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