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Filename Description Size Category Date
vietcong_history.pdfHistory of Vietcong

A History of Vietcong from the first demo to the release of patch v1.41
Note: I didn't write it and I'm not taking any of the credit for it :)
6873 KB
26.04.2006 15:20:23

A coop version for the Fishmarket house
Players : 6
VC : 57
8385 KB
12.01.2012 15:26:22
G_WarZone.rarCoop map by Gonzo10161 KB
17.09.2012 18:18:37
TourMod.rar4 .tga files to modify the Tour of Duty mod to Teamrespawn mod
just install the Tour of Duty mod and replace the .tga files in the "dev" and "g-textures-gui" folders
933 KB
24.05.2004 15:04:14
GW_Sabayon_Coop.rarGW SABAYON COOP

Gerwars coop version for the Sabayon level

Players : 10
41656 KB
13.09.2012 19:07:10

Coop version for Cement_Dust by Exper

Mode : Coop
Players : 10
1356 KB
02.09.2012 01:13:01
VariousScripts.rarVarious Scripts

Here are all of the scripts i could find in my External Hard Drives:

Scripts included are:
Capture the Eggs script
SQ-Baker Scripts
Mounted Weapons
Video of Weapons in COOP (Obies Video)
and a few extras (Vietcong history and a music file)

This took me 1.5 hours to gather, i hope it helps whoever is interested in making new content for the glorious game of Vietcong...

Rick (Chavez_US) Co-founder VietnamEliteTeamwork (VET)
41627 KB
22.02.2009 21:39:07
Dont Try This At Home1.wmvDont Try This At Home - Part 134020 KB
12.05.2004 14:39:01
Osgiliath-City.rarOsgiliath-City Classic3832 KB
01.09.2012 19:06:23
GKA-PrisonEscape_VC.rarGKA - Prison Escape VC

Author : *GKA*Ghost
Mode : Coop VC
Players : 10
23916 KB
02.09.2012 01:31:12

map creator (wf) Warface
12542 KB
09.02.2012 21:43:04
VC2EditorPackNature.rarVC2EditorPackNature_20061217181800.JPGheres a step up for you VC2 editors out there...

I proudly present all of the Nature objects from VC1's Fist Alpha. I'm also including a notepad for the description to each Czech name for the objects in the Nature pack categories...

More packs will come within the next few weeks...

Rick [ Chavez/Chavez_US ( Co-founder ) ]
11647 KB
17.12.2006 18:18:00
bonez_freakshow2.rarU wonder why Im still Private ?
Well ... heres the reason
23068 KB
23.03.2004 15:03:24
bonez_freakshow1.rarMy 1st one man Movie.
Smash Sumthn
18851 KB
22.03.2004 14:45:00[JPV] Tet Offensive source code for the Vietcong editor

To download the actual working map ([JPV] Tet Offensive Beta 3) click here.
5033 KB
30.12.2004 12:55:18
Moonsoon_v6A.rarMoonsoon V6a

Last update of Moonsoon

Map : Curandero
Scripts : Shogun
Mode : Coop
Players : 10
VC : Many
38098 KB
31.08.2012 18:52:24
goodday-vietcongcoop-01_byGM.avithis is my first tribute to the world of coop.
time will show, if there will be a sequel.

worth notice:
this movie is based uppon ingame footage ONLY.
NO external audio or video was added!
everything you hear .. or see .. was perceivable on the servers.

i only took the freedom to cut and mix it up a bit ... add some video or audio from one scene to another scene .. and so on ..

i hope you enjoy this movie as much as i do ..
thnx for downloading
yours ... 1.Lt Tomas "green monkey" duMort
52281 KB
26.07.2005 15:07:39
VC2EditorPackEQUIP.rarVC2EditorPackEQuiP_20061218012207.JPGEQUIPMENT PACK for VC2 Editor

Yet another addition for your G folders...

The equipments in this addon DO NOT HAVE ANY COLLSIONS...there are 3 of them that might affect your maps...they are noted in the information text file within the folder i packed...

Make sure you CUT then paste the contents from this G folder i made...otherwise you will have a G folder within a G folder...and that wont work well...

Rick (Chavez_US)
3054 KB
18.12.2006 01:22:08

Coop map for VC1 modified by Forman and DanyBoy, Alpha Team,

During the last operation we have lost one of our soldiers. He is known as "Mr. Mige". His dead body haven't been found. It is supposed that he is still alive and probably is held by Vietcong in former water station. Attempt to eliminate all the enemies in the station and find out whether the information about our man is true.

Coop - 10 players, 50 VCs
38675 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
03.06.2018 02:13:07
TMG-RallyCampaignMod_b1.rarTMG Rally Campaign Mod by Tommy Bonez

Made generally for The Meat Grinder Race Campaign

Install :
Extract Modz Folder and the RallyCampaign.bat to main Vietcong 2 folder
Run RallyCampaign.bat to play

-DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER MOD.cbf in your Vietcong2 folder !!!!!

Features :


All Vehicles are US Jeeps
All Classes got Wine Glasses (only works 1st pv)

3 Pilot and 3 Engineer Classes per side
Equipt with Wrenches and Nades (for possible quick suicide)

Race Control (same Uniform no matter which side you use)
Equipt with Wrench , Smoke Nade and M79/RPG

Referee (same Uniform no matter which side you use)
Equipt with Starting Pistol,Smoke Nade,M79/RPG and Radio

VC Side got a Girl Team !
Choose Girl face on VC side to play as Girls without strange effects ;)

...have fun ;D
4876 KB
14.10.2006 16:00:16
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