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Filename Description Size Category Date[JPV] Betrayer (Beta 3)

A base map is 'Crash in the jungle'(Single mission map).


- The Chopper fell into the jungle.
Correspondence has stopped near the ruins which the rescue team of a forerunner has on a route.
Although pilot rescue is priority, if possible, join an advance party and return.
It seems that there are many some incomprehensible occurrence in ...,
however this incident. Although it is unidentified, there is rumor that 'Betrayer' is.
It's unknown who it is.
It seems that fog is also deep...
Although it is the worst conditions, please perform a mission carefully....

Mission Mode:
- Coop
Missions are continued although a pilot dies.


- Real-Time fog system. (The depth of a thick fog changes to a real time at random.)
- Reinforcement system by BOT (5 persons). (Sorry. Directions can't be issued)
Two persons(Limand Crocker) follow at the beginning and Pilot and two advance parties(Nhut and Nguyen) join.
Crocker,Nguyen and Pilot is medic. (It approaches and treats by the 'F' key)
- Automatic voice speech system.
- Objective display system. (A objective can be checked by the 'TAB' key)
- All AI is randomizing spawn point system.
- A recovery point is changing system, into five points on a map according to advance.
- 'Whole Team' game is no recovery system.
- The map end rule is 'Time' and 'Points' system.
- Maximum player is 10.
- AI (VC) is 49 persons.
- Multi story system. (A betrayer changes.)


Move a *.cbf and *.dat file to vietcong/maps Folder.
8663 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:38
KaySin.rarKaySin Valley

COOP (best in Vietcong Mode)

Thanks to DSOP Apache

11120 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:32
Devilsbridge.zipGoooooookssss !!!!!!

=SFX= Devils Bridge (.rar file version dated 07.11.2004)

Map Name: Devils Bridge BETA
Version: 0.88b
Game Modes: CTF, RW, DM, TDM, COOP

Instructions: Unzip all files to (..\vietcong\maps\) folder and then run the game

Author: Luke Stafford A.K.A Phreakzoid

Copyright: © 2003-2004 PTERODON, Ltd. | All Rights Reserved.
Please contact the author for distibution rights.

Known Bugs

- Water Splash @ Wrong range
- FirstPersonView - Mini Map does not work
- Kick for Speed Cheat if you fall to far

Report Bugs to

- Please Note: 'Devils Bridge' has been renamed to '=SFX= Devils Bridge' please remove and older versions of the files to avoid in game conflicts and crashes
25119 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:25

COOP (best in Vietcong Mode)

Thanks to =extreme= @ DSOP

Have fun in da jungle!!!!!!
17099 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:18
(A map by Perdurabo of Brisbane Coop's)


REQUIREMENTS: Vietcong Fist Alpha (or purple Haze). If you do not have the Fist Alpha Add on, some of the VC will look like "Hawkins" as thy use 'skins' from the FA add on.
9285 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:11
therange.zipCustom Map for Vietcong & Vietcong Fist Alpha

Map Name: =SFX= The Range
Version: 1.0
Game Modes: CTF & COOP

Instructions: Unzip all files to (..\vietcong\maps\) folder and then run the game

Author: Luke Stafford A.K.A Phreakzoid

Copyright: © 2003-2004 PTERODON, Ltd. | All Rights Reserved.
Please contact the author for distibution rights.

Known Bugs
The window & door frames in the halong port buildings do not line up correclty...

Thanks to Luke aka =SFX= phreakzoid - This map rocks!!!!

Word of warning.............*Check Your Corners*

Enjoy your spanking ladies....................hehe!
14344 KB
04.07.2006 16:53:59
AirPort.rarAirport Map by Semok & Fraggel
CTF , TDM , DM ... and COOP
50 VCs , 16 players

Very Big and Unique !
20795 KB
04.07.2006 16:53:50
thanhhoa-fgmd-mp.zipThanhHoa by fRagiLeMOD
CTF, ATG, DM, TDM (max. 24 players) and Coop (max. 12 players).
28981 KB
04.07.2006 16:53:40*****************************************
* [JPV] Hamburger Hill (Beta 11) *
* 20/9/2004 *

A base map is 'Hamburger Hill'(FA).

20 May 1969, A Shau Valley.
Mortars targeting us ! But, Support by the chopper is offered ! Take a hill as anything !

Missin Object:
Take '937 hill' ! Kill all VC !


- US side, and cinematic co-op play. :p
- VC is over 64 persons. (100-200? VC will appear with a respawn.)
- Friendéîy fire from chopper, and morter....
- Reinforcement system by BOT (Always 4 persons, and They are medic.). (Sorry. Directions can't be issued)
- All AI is randomizing spawn point system.
- 'Whole Team' game is no recovery system.
- The map end rule is 'Time' and 'Points' system.
- Maximum player is 10.


Move a *.cbf and *.dat file to vietcong/maps Folder.


20/9/2004 Beta 11
Bug Fix

18/9/2004 Beta 10
General release.

3/9/2004 - 18/9/2004 Beta 1-9 (Secret version)
Beta test.

Special thanks:
Thankful to the cooperator of this map !
** Beta tester members

Utamaro, Wart, Karts, NH, Asagiri, Wing, Hoen, Aoshima, Katakuri,
Vailow, Boom, POPO, Bellcat, pureko, Amema, LoneStar, chikuden,
G7_SIT, Auschwitz, Z.O.E, NOWAY, Speirs(A Head!).

Copyright (c) 2004, All Rights Reserved.
Copyright (c) 2003-2004 Pterodon, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
11256 KB
04.07.2006 16:53:31


Author: Deus ex Machina (machina5150 at

Some cool lighting!
9232 KB
04.07.2006 16:52:47
Power_Station 2.4.rarPower_Station 2.4

Water power station with a VC village nearby

Author : Unknown
24018 KB
04.07.2006 16:52:40[BC]FrenchRouteB_VC

(A map by Perdurabo of Brisbane Coop's)

6892 KB
04.07.2006 16:51:10
groudzero.zipGroundZero by Phreakzoid.

CTF, ATG, ATG-Strike, ATG-Rescue 28 players : 2 Teams of 14 compete to capture the enemies flag....
12499 KB
04.07.2006 16:51:01

Found on the VC Upload Center.
9056 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
04.07.2006 16:50:52
(trl)stream.rarCOOP map : (trl)stream

File obtained from :

Massive thanks to the map creator !!!!

..............The most intense firefight to experience immediately from the start of the game.

*Extreme Content...........Be Advised Ladies*

3109 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
04.07.2006 16:50:45


'Hills Of The Fear'

(needs winRAR to install

COOP map

Author : SeeK (thanks for the visit, and the nade!)

Enjoy the map ladies.......!

11463 KB
04.07.2006 16:50:39
Canyon.zipMap Author: Peit!

It's a big map, about the size of stream. It features CTF, ATG bombing and COOP mode with slightly enhanced AI.
Be sure that you select an engineer when playing ATG bombing, cause thats the only class that has the C4 to blow up the AA guns! (Place the bomb on the crate next to the AA guns)
CTF and ATG bombing both support up to 50 players, maximum coop players is 10.
27891 KB
04.07.2006 16:50:30
(trl)waterfall.rarCOOP map : (trl)Waterfall

File obtained from :

Damn snipers, damn there eyes.

Again a massive thanks to the map creator !!!!

*Extreme Content...........Be Advised Ladies*
2477 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
04.07.2006 16:50:20
jpv-redzone-beta4.zipFile obtained from the JPV site.

With thanks to the maps author.

[JPV] Red Zone (Beta4) (8.0MB)

The ninth cartridge of small site original!
This editing multi-map "Storm" is used as the base.
It becomes the US side and the attack from an enemy (VC) is met night.
There is postponement time for 2 minutes after Start.
Interceptor systems, such as a trap, are prepared in the meantime.
I am installing the support team (eight persons) by Ally AI, and think that a few people can also enjoy themselves.
A capacity of ten. For AI, VC is eight support teams at 46 persons. The map only for Coop(s).
AI moves. A map (Radioman) can also be used.

When revival is carried out "per platoon", it becomes the real play of "having no revival."
Even if arms and ammunition pass fixed time, it does not disappear.
"Point(s)" (the number of rounds) can be specified to be map end conditions in addition to "Time."

2004/6/27 Beta 4
- Change AI so that it may rush at random.
- The conversation which joked only by Server Play can be heard. (Addition)
- Correct fine B.U.G.
8015 KB
04.07.2006 16:50:13
MeatGrinderNightMapPack6.zipmappack for saturday specials, containing:

Map: CanTho
Author: Gianko Monzilla
Web site:
Game types: CTF
Maximum players: 42

Map: StoneDDRjungle (beta)
Author: [DDR|Jukebox]
Web site:
Game types: ATG, CTF, DM, TDM, RW, TT
Maximum players: 24

Author: homer99
Web site:
Game types: CTF, ATG
Maximum players: 24

all maps have been found in the PTERODON "User-map reviews" section and are highly rated ... check out the reviews at

personal note: special objective ATG inside ;) .. download this .. asap! :D
44681 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:50:06
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