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Filename Description Size Category Date
(TRX)TheWayBackPt3.zipThis mission is based on the multiplayer 'Stream' map.

Determined to defeat the aggressors, the VC continue their counter-attack in increasing numbers; the small U.S. team must hold out against the oncoming assault.

Credits: Thanks to Faldo and Shadow-Killer! for their creative input and help with testing of this map.
5800 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
11.05.2008 01:44:09
[MCF]FrenchCamp[beta1].rarTOCRAPC_20121129_214507_copie_20121130222209.jpgMap coop for Teamplay
53 vc
Beautifull map with doors dynamiqes.
Big map but beautifull mapping
81452 KB
30.11.2012 22:22:09
VET_KHENUI.rar"Deep in the jungle ravine you will find heavy enemy resistance. Itelligence suggests there is an ammo cache in the area. See if you can locate it before the VC escape with it. Good Luck!"

12 player coop. 52 enemy VC.


As the mission details suggest there is an ammo cache to be found, this is not true. Intelligence is wrong.
14052 KB
21.07.2009 01:39:34

Map for VC1 modified by GONZO.

This is a modification of TaProhm map by Tune ( Original map was without coop mode.

Coop - 7 players, 50 VCs
15455 KB
27.01.2010 10:53:57
[jpv]oldtemplebeta3.zip10 player co-op map.

Mission objectives:
- Coop mode: Kill all US.
- CoopTarget mode: Kill Rosenfield.
12243 KB
04.07.2006 16:15:44
VET_JUNGLEPOINT.rar"You are part of an Elite Team of 10, hand picked for a mission to destroy an enemy base. Your primary target is a NVA Colonel, he is to be terminated. He is located deep within the base. Good luck with this as you will be under heavy mortar fire on your approach."

10 player COOP. 52 VC AI.

Map edited by {SAS}OZ with VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team).
20505 KB
03.11.2008 02:02:28
LangLy-Ruins.rar6 player COOP: "You can respaw in the two bunkers ! Get out and kill all VC in the Jungle. The ennemies must be twenty or more... Good luck - (it is very important to have a good PC)"

12 player ATG: "LangLy-Ruins is a very good map for the ATG Killall mode ! Just a life for each, with the enemies behind some ruins in a small jungle."

12 player CTF: "Be careful with the kill-respawn. You must securise your area before, then to protect your flag and finally attack the ennemies and take their flag !"

12 player DM: "No rules. You must kill everybody ! It's a deathmatch."

12 player TDM: "Team Deathmatch in a small jungle with several ruins."

12 player RW: "It's a good mode. There are 4 flags. Be careful with this jungle because LangLy-Ruins is a very dangerous map !"

Map made by Kjeldorius.
11637 KB
10.11.2008 20:22:32

Presentation :
My main objective with the "FA_maps" is to stay as close as possible the original ones but "corrected" to have the nicest versions, free of bugs, for the best gameplay and immersion!

The mission :
Several Vietcong units are operating in the surrounds of an abandoned temple at Ai Tu.
We are suspecting that the Vietcong is using that temple as a mine factory. Destroy it!

Modes :
The "classic one" we all know, with...
-Addition of extra weapons (they will depend of the mission)!
-The weapons will disappear if you drop them on the ground but...
-Extra weapons will reappear.

The "classic one" we all know but...
-WITHOUT the extra weapons!
-The weapons WON'T disappear if you drop them on the ground!
-Kills and Deaths are hidden by pressing the "TAB" key.

This "mode" is the Coop one but without the vc bots; ideal to "discover" the map, set tactics, take screenshots or...whatever!
In this mode, don't use the whole team as the respawn method or avoid to die (no respawn)!

Map specifications :
-US players: 8
-VC bots: 50
-Modes: Coop, Coop', Discovery
-Extra weapons: YES
-Ammoboxes: 4 (ON/OFF)
-Skins by default: YES (original, with stripes)
-VC + FA compatible only (1.60 patch)!

-Read me file included.
-Date of release: 31/12/12 > 01/01/13



20170 KB
22.11.2013 18:02:53
LangHoangHon.rar"U.S intelligence reports a hidden tunnel complex near a village. Be careful for there is a reason to believe this area contains NVA Regulars. Good luck."

10 player COOP. 51 VC AI.

Map made by Tomcat777.
18298 KB
03.11.2008 01:43:59
[jpv]medicpatrolb3.zip10 player co-op map.

Mission objectives:
- Coop mode: Kill all US.
- CoopTarget mode: Kill Rosenfield.
9509 KB
04.07.2006 16:15:29
STREETVILLE.rarcoop version of =A=STREET.

Edited by Dominik.
5295 KB
11.06.2009 05:34:50
----- Deadfast's GlassHouse version 1 -----

About: DF-GlassHouse is my first map, so please be broad to possible bugs.

Bugs: - In one hole You have a little problem to get out. Don't panic - You can get out of there if You gonna stick
to wall.
- Spawns near PPS-43 are rotated other way than they shold be. I don't know what to do with that - It seems
to be OK in editor.
- Found more big bugs ? You can report it to this e-mail:

Game modes: - DM
- ATG-BombUS (US side have to place bomb)
- ATG-BombVC (VC side have to place bomb)

Instalation: Just unpack "DF-GlassHouse_v1.cbf" and "DF-GlassHouse_v1.dat to your "*\Vietcong\maps" folder.

- with big thanks to TommyBones for usefull help.
896 KB
14.08.2006 02:17:03
BasicEditingPackRev.rarChavez' Basic Editing Pack - Revision (Updated 12-28-2007)

This is an updated editing pack with very easy to understand text notepad tutorials. Please install the editor prior to setting up the levels folder within your Vietcong main folder.

Within this pack includes my terrain VET_AP_GU i made for the custom map contest. I have stripped everything from it except the waypoints, and a few other objects. (Palm Trees from VC2, Termit Mound, US Tent, and Grass)

The scripts for 52 VC are also included (compliments from our lead scripter SAS_OZ)...these scripts are a combination of VET_ATTLEBORO and the recent VET_AP_GU maps to a certain degree...

So have fun placing the objects, ambient nature sounds, and nature foliage, and of course the 52 VC...

I decided to make this update after reviewing the older Editing Pack i created,..things have drastically changed since then...

Rick (Chavez/Chavez_US) Co-founder Vietnam Elite Teamwork
11624 KB
29.12.2007 05:51:34
renamed_1RFrontline.zipFixed version of [1R]Frontline for the [1R]Map pack.

5065 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:35:09
HalongRainV2.rar"Halong Port in rain with new US Player tiger camo skins..."

6 Player COOP. 39 VC AI.

Map edited by Dominik.
6581 KB
02.11.2008 03:50:45

Coop map for VC1 created by GONZO.

7 players
50 VCs
5728 KB
26.01.2010 22:15:19
smallobject_pack.rarCollection of objects for maps.1136 KB
15.05.2004 18:12:22
[jpv]firefightbeta1.zip10 player co-op map.

Mission objective: Kill all US.
11587 KB
04.07.2006 16:16:43
[jpv]streamvcbeta2.zip10 player co-op map.

Mission objectives:
- Coop mode: Kill all US.
- CoopTarget mode: Kill the pilot.
5026 KB
04.07.2006 16:15:37
[jpv]radiorelay2beta5.zip10 player co-op map.

Mission objective: Defend the hill against VC hordes. You must not let them reach the radio relay! There is postponement time for 2 minutes! Prepare for attack.
5975 KB
04.07.2006 16:15:51
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