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Tourmodv120.zipVietcong 2 - Tour Mod

~~Changelog~~ Thursday the 27th of July 2006 (Aust. EST)

Version 1.20 - "Vietcong 2 as it should be played"
Note: This only contains the changes I remember?a lot was changed.
Many of the changes are unnoticeable; I cleared up a lot of spelling errors
and wrong reference codes.


I enjoyed Tourmodv1 a lot and I disliked how the manual described DM skins as
'only being cosmetic'. This reason plus many others made me want to update Tourmod.
Using Tourmodv1 as a foundation, I set out to not only update the Tourmod but to
make it more appealing to CTF/DM players. I believe my update to be:

> More balanced
> More historically accurate
> Encouraging use of all classes (not just the commando)
> Better in defining the class roles

The original concept and coding of Tourmodv1 was by Tommy Bonez, John Hannibal Smith
and Chris Tsamados. I (J. Zullo) completed all coding in this update with tutorials
on how to mod by John Lennon. The repellent bottle helmet was completed by Tommy Bonez
and the menu background by Trit. The team at Tour forums, especially Dallas and Osmo,
contributed additional ideas. Their co-operation and aid during the process means that
the coop side of this update should be exactly what the coop community has been waiting

I also want to give a big thanks to the original Tourmod team, their work on the first
Tourmod is unbeatable. It was my awe of their work that made me labour to get this
update completed.
A massive thanks also goes out to Deadly and WiPouT for their help in testing and
hosting the CTF side of the update, also to all the testers from The Meat Grinder and
the Tour team for their help in testing and hosting the COOP side of the update.

I hope that this mod is embraced by both the CTF and COOP communities. I believe that
this mod is a huge step in making Vietcong 2 ?as it should be played?.

Revamped Customisation screen
-Labelled heads so choosing is easier (Anglo/Negro/ARVN/Viet)
-Added Pilot Helm (US)
-Added Tank Helm (US)
-Added 2x ARVN Heads (US)
-Designed matching Grenadier score-card icon (a grenade round on red)
-Fix Mutator so people joining server without mod cannot choose radioman
-Fixed problem with some US heads not being able to see their headgear
-Added Rolling stones - paint it black to start menu songs
-New menu background (by Trit)
-Added new setup side picture

Updated Most US/VC Skins
-Sides have become ARVN/US and VC/NVA
-Most US Classes now wear Vietnam 'green fatigues' variants (Historic representation)
-VC now split to VC troops (Fighter, Sapper, Medic) and NVA troops by uniform
-3pv smoke grenade removed from Grenadier class and added to US medic and VC engineer
-Gave US radioman a binoculars pouch
-Changed 1pv and 3pv smokegren skin to match the colour of the smoke (Violet instead of green)
-Added a "pilot suprise"

Revamped Stamina and Speed for classes
-Class speed and stamina now structured into balanced tiers, listed from most to least:

1)Commando (Now fastest with most stamina)
2)Infantry/Sniper (Fast with Second Stamina)
3)Marine/Soldier (Normal speed with third best stamina and a little more health)
4)Eng/Med/Gren/Rad (all equal in speed and stamina)

-The same tiers apply for coop but the stamina is reduced for all classes.

Revamped CTF/Assault/Coop classes
-Engineer and Commando now have 4 C4, so no more getting stuck in waterstation coop
-*MADE C4 Drop, but only if its armed when killed and must be used as soon as picked up
(^Couldn't do any better than that, sorry, but its better than nothing)
-New weapon list for each class, the two sides now have a ?standard issue? weapon list,
so most classes have the same weapons, with speciality class? with different options.
-Sten removed from US radioman due to no VC equivalent (use the silent pistol instead)
-Grenades removed from Engineer (CTF/Assault)
-Grenades removed from Commando to give Infantry and marine a fair go and balance (CTF/Assault)
-Commando class in now a flag running class in CTF/Assault with no nades or longarms (m14/sks)
this was to prevent servers only having commandos as the ?shooter? class, now infantry and
marine have more purpose in-game
-Some text changes on Class definitions
-New Class names:
Infantry - ARVN

VC Fighter - VC Guerrilla
Medic - Bac-Si
Soldier - NVA Regular
VC Grenadier - NVA Rocketeer

Deathmatch now like Manual
-ALL DM 'Skins' now have ALL (I say again) !ALL! pistols to choose
-Team deathmatch weapons are now US/VC weapons (Steckin on both for balance):
US: M1911, S&W27, S&W39, Steckin
VC/NVA: Markov, Mauser, Mosin, Steckin

Weapon Changes
-Weapon stamina was redone, now follows the following weight tier:
1)Machine Guns (eg. M1919 mounted) (heaviest)
2)Longarms (eg m14) (common vc2 weapon weight)
3)Sun machine guns (eg. Thompson) (lighter)
4)Light submachine guns (eg. Skorpion/Mac-10) (lightest)
This new structure, combined with the new stamina makes for interesting run stamina,
choose your weapon wisely, it can make a small difference now
-Restored all original weapon sounds, now every weapon has a unique sound, even the m1919 mounted
-Fixed some sound errors when weapons being shot at a distance are heard (SKS and BAR)
-Increased most weapon damage to a balanced but real amount
-Made all sniper rifles one shot kill ESP the Winchester and Mosin
-Balanced the Winchester?s slow reload by halting the Mosin from reloading mid magazine
(this also makes the animation look realistic)
-Changed the Sten and Sterling aim so its not a face full of metal

Redid RPG class points
Was: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8
NOW: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14

Vietcong 2 - Tour Mod

~~Changelog~~ Wednesday the 25th of April 2006 (Aust. EST)

Designed by
John Hannibal Smith, Chris Tsamados & Tommy Bonez.

Additional Contributions by:

Crocker (Menu design),
Gixxer (Helmet textures),
Moonshine (Helmet textures),
White Line Racer (Menu Picture),
Green Monkey (Tour badge design),
Marine Sniper (Spanish Readme),
Tommy Bonez (German Readme),
Thoben (French Readme),
Italian Soldier (Italian Readme),
Tour forum (You know who you are).

Tested by:

John Hannibal Smith,
Chris Tsamados,
Tommy Bonez,
Major Dick,
White Line Racer,
Silent Death.

This mod was developed initially address the problem the M79, RPG 7, M16/ XM148 and LAW
cause on a game, namely a lot of spamming. It does this by removing the LAW from the basic
Infantry class and only allowing the more experienced Marine/ Soldier/ Commando access to it.
It also removes the M79, RPG 7 and M16/ XM148 from the Marine/ Soldier and Commando classes and
only allows it access to the Grenadier/ VC Grenadier classes. These can then easily be limited
or removed using the class limiter mutator. So if you want you can have a server without these
weapons. The only weapon you will have is the LAW which the Marine/ Soldier can choose, but if
you have rpg mode on only experienced players will be able to choose it.
When I had completed these changes I then also went on to make a lot more changes designed to
make the game more realistic, these are all listed below.
It is worth noting that when the editor is released I will do a new version that removes the
vehicles I added. This is because they have overwritten the M48 and T34 tank files, so when
someone designs a map with these vehicles if played through this mod the vehicles will be the
M113 APC and P403 Pickup respectively.

Tour of Teamrespawn Mod Changes.
1. Added new Grenadier class:


K-bar Knife,
M1911, S&W 27 or S&W 39,
M79 or M16/XM148,
Grenades or smoke grenades.

VC Grenadier:

Makrov, S&W 27, Mauser C96 & Stechkin,
RPG 7,
Grenades or smoke grenades.

U.S Grenadier has equipment attached to his skin, which is relevent to
his class, i.e grenade pouches and Claymore bag (for storing M79 rounds in).
VC Grenadier has backpack (for storing rockets in), small bag and other class
specific items.

2. Class names changed (Coop only):

Infantry = Rifleman,
Gunner = Machine Gnr,
Radioman = RTO,
Commando = LRRP.

3. Marine class removed (Coop only),

4. Weapon loadouts changed (Coop only):

Rifleman = M14 & M16,
Engineer = M14, M16 & L1A1 added,
Medic = M14 and M16,
RTO = Smoke Grenades added,
Sniper = Car-15, M14 and Sten Mk II added, for 'Spotter' to use,
LRRP = M79, RPG7 and M16/ XM148 removed,
All pistols added to all classe,
Sten MkII removed from all classes barring Sniper.

Weapon loadouts changed CTF/ Assault:

Infantry = Law removed, M14 added,
Fighter = Law removed = Vz58 added,
Radioman = Smoke Grenades added,
Marine/ Soldier = M79 and RPG 7 removed,
Commando = M79, RPG 7 and M16/ XM148 removed.
All pistols added to all classes (apart from silenced pistols that are
only available to Marine and above classes),

5. Skin changes (Coop only):

Infantry and RTO changed to Medic skin,
Grenadier skin changed to Pilot skin,
Engineer skin changed to ARVN skin (CTF, Assault, COOP),
Medic now has choice of hats (Coop only),
Sniper changed to Infantry Tiger stripe skin and now has choice of hats.

6. New hats added:


No Helmet (Self explanatory),
Helmet 1 (Leaf camo, fuck you graffti on scrim band),
Helmet 2 (ARVN leopard picture),
Helmet 3 (Leaf Camo, Combat's a Mother fucker graffiti),
Helmet 4 (Leaf Camo, Confederations flag & Crossed Sabres images),
Helmet 5 (Woodland camo),
Helmet 6 (Cigarette helmet),
Helmet 7 (Medic helmet with Leaf camo),
USMC Helmet 1 (Leaf camo, 8 ball image)
USMC Helmet 2 (Woodland camo),
USMC Helmet 3 (Duck hunter camo),
USMC Helmet 4 (Tigerstripe camo),
USMC BTK Helmet (Born to Kill graffiti),
USMC Tour Helmet (2nd tour in hell graffiti),
Bonnie 3 (Plain green but slightly taller hat than bonnie 1).
USMC Green Cap (USMC style green cap),
USMC Olive Drab Cap (USMC style, Olive Drab camo),
USMC Woodland Cap (USMC style. Woodland camo),
USMC Tiger Cap (USMC style. Tigerstripe camo),
USMC Duck (USMC style. Duck hunter camo),
USMC Tiger Cap (USMC style. Tigerstripe camo),
Campcap (Green baseball style cap),
Sniperhat (Snipers class hat).


Helmet (Russian style black helmet),
Pith Helmet (Pith helmet with star on),
Pith Helmet Camo (Renamed from Cap 2).

7. Gasmask added to US side.

8. Tracers removed.

9. M16, XM177 and M16/XM148 sights changed to the old demo sights with the circle.

10. Weapons now stay on the ground for 5 minutes when dropped.

11. Any class can now pickup and use the non-mounted machine guns.

12. Tour patch added to classes.

13. 4th Infantry patch and Sgt rank added to AI U.S soldier & pilot.

14. New menu picture.

15. New menu music.

16. New MP voices added.

17. M79/ XM148 now has 12 rounds.

18. MP class RPG levels altered.

19. AI Helicoptor crew's name changed to Sgt. Kowalski.

20. AI USMC Soldier's name changed to Sgt. Roberts.

21. Body area damage values changed.

22. Class mutator adjusted. Infantry, Marine/ Soldier and Commando classes cannot
be limited in CTF/ Assault. All classes barring Rifleman & Marine/ Soldier can be
limited in Coop. The LRRP can be limited in Coop by using the VC Grenadier class limiter.

23. M14 damage increased.

24. VC AI weapons changed.

25. M48 Tank swapped for M113 APC.

26. T34 Tank swapped for P403 Pickup.

27. Changed vz58 name to AKS-47.

10767 KB
28.07.2006 12:18:11
AGU_STREAM.rar12 Player Co-op map
51 VC

You are pursuing a group of NVA down stream. In the back of your mind you know this is going to lead to an ambush.
5010 KB
04.07.2006 16:27:52
vc_script_sdk096.zipVietcong Scripting SDK v0.96 including Coop!260 KB
30.04.2004 15:59:16
vietcong_theme.mp3Vietcong theme music614 KB
27.08.2004 16:15:37

You are under heavy mortar attack from the VC which have taken Hue during the Tet celebrations. You and your Elite team of 12 soldiers are pinned down in a garage. Your mission is simple, run from your location and regain control of this section of Hue...

12 US Coop versus 51 VC AI
CTF - 16 US versus 16 VC

Compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)
33113 KB
11.07.2007 03:31:02
(TRX)TheClearing.zipThe mission takes place in a new operational area.

A U.S. patrol emerges from the river gorge into a clearing; there has been no sign of the VC units which are known to be active in the area.

Credits: Thanks to Faldo and Mr.Bronson for their creative input and help with testing of this map.
6340 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
10.08.2008 15:10:34

THIS PACK IS A NEW VERSION. ArroyoUST2Sv2 and FrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL were not working. The folders have been fixed. Thank you Blazon for catching it. :-)

Hello everyone....this download contains patches for ALL 11 UST2S maps that are missing the hand maps.

Readme files have been included to assist you in installing them.

If you have any problems please contact:

Thank you and have a nice day,
11026 KB
23.06.2004 02:05:27
MeatGrinderNightMapPack4.rarThe Map Pack you need for the Meat Grinder Night of 24 04 04
Including Enemy Territory and Vietnambeta2
29049 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:59:21
MeatGrinderNightMapPack3.rarThe Maps u need for the Grinder Night of 17 04 04
Including : Ganja Land and ITM NVA Base
16040 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:59:30
TMG-MIA.rarTMG_MIA_20080302183550.jpgTMG-M.I.A. by Private Paula

After a hard fight and on the way back to base, you and your team got shot by AA. Both choppers crashed somewhere in the jungle, surrounded by enemy forces. A couple of soldiers are dead, some survived. There is no chance of extraction. Your task is to regroup both teams and clear the area.

Modes: Coop 10 players, ATG 64 players

22260 KB
23.04.2009 20:15:56

Mode ATG Pilote
The pilot and your team must return to the LZ before the time set is over. Use your map to find the LZ.

ATG Bomb
The US must destroy the AA Gun before the time set is over and the Vietcong must defend it. Use your map to find the AA Gun.

Us Team versus VC Team. Remain as many as possible.

Death Match Classic, choose your weapon at the beginning of the round and kill everything that moves.

Capture The Flag, go and steal the enemy flag and bring it back to your base. Use your map to spot the flags.

Cooperative Mode, clean up the map of all VC. Beware of the prowling patrols.

By: [MCF] Bidi or Eldern95
32146 KB
10.11.2006 21:53:32
VET_TRAILVC2.rarVET_TRAILVC2 (converted to VC1)

You and your Elite team of 12 Special Forces soldiers have been selected to find a village occupied by the Vietcong in the Thanh Hoa Province. It is rumored the local villagers are supplying the VC with rice and other food. Your mission is Search and Destroy. Good Luck!

12 Elite Special Forces versus 51 highly trained VC. (COOP)
16 US Soldiers versus 16 Vietcong (CTF)

Compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

Special attention given to VET's SAS OZ for his time and devotion to porting this map to VC1 and for "keeping this game alive" for all of us to enjoy.
30803 KB
20.05.2007 09:30:56
VET_FRONTVC.rarVC intel has indicated a nearby US firebase. Mission is to locate the US firebase and take it out. Youll need a full team of highly trained VC Regulars and possibly two medics. Good Luck!

compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

visit our website at your convenience

23375 KB
28.02.2006 05:29:40
MeatGrinderNightMapPack5.rarMap pack for The Meat Grinder Saturday Special #7 on 1.5.2004!

Maps included:
VCK Killing Fields - BOMB
Lost Paradise - Pilot
20915 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:59:10
TMG-GoingHome_v2.rarTMG-GoingHome v2 by Tommy Bonez

lil update

Coop only

10 players
50 enemies
34640 KB
04.08.2006 15:16:55
VET_APGUFinal.rarVET_AP_GU (Custom Map Contest 2007)

Game Modes: Cooperative (12 players) , CTF (40 players), TDMC (Up to 6 VC versus up to 6 US), DMC (12 players kill eachother).

Mission Debriefing: While supporting operation JUNCTION CITY, the 1/26th Inf was air assaulted on Mar 26 into an LZ near Ap Gu, 25 miles northeast of Tay Ninh city to search for a suspected enemy basecamp. Several fortified positions were found but only small contacts were made with the enemy. On Mar 30 while patrolling north of their NDP, heavy contact was made. The VC assault and the fire fight that followed lasted two days.

This map was entered in the Custom Map Contest for 11-29-07
It is a jungle map with streams, waterfalls, caves, US tent compound, and VC village.

Thank you to the following people for beta testing and giving quality suggestions for terrain/map improvement:

Chavez_US - 3dsmax terrain and level design
SAS OZ - coop scripts
TRAVX - handmap and waypoints

beta testers:
Shecky Moskowitz
Tomcat 777
Sgt. Elias
Live Round
Sgt. Pepper
Capt. Willard

Compliments of the Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team (VETMET). Come be a part of a great team of editors and beta testers.

26729 KB
01.12.2007 05:14:34
VET_HAMBURGERHILL.rarthumb.bmpThis was one of our first releases for VC1. It had several issues that were fixed...

Grow.dat was removed (caused alot of problems for players)
Sandbags were fixed
New scripts were put in (Youll like SAS Oz's scripts)
VET logos added in a few places
Snakes added
Lights placed in the tunnels atop
Flashlight activated in scripts
Weapons stay on the ground when you die (for TeamCoop players)
More waypoints added/changed
Handmap works
AI tweaked for different personalities (10 different personalities all random in each grouping)...every restart the AI will each have a different personality...

This map was made for both Coop ( 10 US Soldiers versus 51 VC )
and CTF ( 25 US Soldiers versus 25 Vietnamese )

Enjoy this as we did the last several nights of beta testing...

V.E.T.ME.T. (VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam)


Visit our website at your convemience...
17530 KB
23.11.2006 19:14:00

Mission: One of our check points is under attack from the Vietcong. Captain Rosenfield has radioed for immediate backup. You and your Elite Team of 12 are to return order to a situation gone bad

12 Coop players versus 51 ruthless VC AI
CTF 16 versus 16

22409 KB
08.07.2007 06:37:14
Hopeless.rarHopeless by GAI Leopard

"Outpost" with some nice changings
23129 KB
04.07.2006 16:46:51
VET_SWAMP.rarThe North Vietnamese have established a stronghold, on the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail. You and your hand picked team of specialists are ordered to search and destroy all the enemy in the area. Remember these NVA regulars are very well disiplined, and they are experts in the art of concealment. Good Luck.

12 Elite US Soldiers versus 50 VC Regulars

Compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

Visit our website at your convenience

19242 KB
28.02.2006 04:53:42
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