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Filename Description Size Category Date
DivisionUST2S.zipDivisionUST2S created by Raptor {D}

This is a pretty hard map. Very foggy and nice lighting.

Supports COOP only.

6 players

58 VC

Has two different spawn areas. Some at the very bottom and some in the middle.

Raptor hopes everyone likes it. Enjoy!
11068 KB
03.06.2004 06:51:00
NVAbaseVcUST2S.zipNVAbaseVcUST2S by WRX_02_227

Play as VC!

Supports Coop mode

6 VC players

50 US

Kill those beef eaters!!!!
5832 KB
05.06.2004 19:56:21
AShauValley.zipAshau Valley Completed version by Chris Tsamados.
COOP, RW and CTF game modes.
4337 KB
04.07.2006 16:58:29
ArroyoUST2Sv2.zipArroyoUST2Sv2 created by WRX_02_227

This map should have had COOP support in the retail version. But..oh well it didn't, and here we have it.

50 VC (all armed with AK-47's)

Awesome map to move forward from cover to cover using supressing fire.

The first map I completed ;-)
4406 KB
06.05.2004 04:19:39
PortsUST2Sv2.zipPortsUST2Sv2 created by Pvt. Dj Swift

Supports COOP mode for 8 players

Spawn points are split 4 + 4

36 VC

The VC are smarter then ALL previous versions of other UST2S maps. This maps contains WRX_02_227's VC AI scripting. (little plug for me :-))

This map has been refined and tested for 2 weeks so you shouldn't encounter any bugs. We caught a lot of bugs and fixed them all.

Hope you enjoy!!!!
6182 KB
17.05.2004 09:35:42
Devilsbridge.zipGoooooookssss !!!!!!

=SFX= Devils Bridge (.rar file version dated 07.11.2004)

Map Name: Devils Bridge BETA
Version: 0.88b
Game Modes: CTF, RW, DM, TDM, COOP

Instructions: Unzip all files to (..\vietcong\maps\) folder and then run the game

Author: Luke Stafford A.K.A Phreakzoid

Copyright: 2003-2004 PTERODON, Ltd. | All Rights Reserved.
Please contact the author for distibution rights.

Known Bugs

- Water Splash @ Wrong range
- FirstPersonView - Mini Map does not work
- Kick for Speed Cheat if you fall to far

Report Bugs to

- Please Note: 'Devils Bridge' has been renamed to '=SFX= Devils Bridge' please remove and older versions of the files to avoid in game conflicts and crashes
25119 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:25
Canyon.zipMap Author: Peit!

It's a big map, about the size of stream. It features CTF, ATG bombing and COOP mode with slightly enhanced AI.
Be sure that you select an engineer when playing ATG bombing, cause thats the only class that has the C4 to blow up the AA guns! (Place the bomb on the crate next to the AA guns)
CTF and ATG bombing both support up to 50 players, maximum coop players is 10.
27891 KB
04.07.2006 16:50:30
frontier-coop-patch.exeFrontier MP map coop patch.
Install into Vietcong folder!
439 KB
04.07.2006 17:00:22
NvaBaseNightUST2S.zipNvaBaseNightUST2S by WRX_02_227

Coop Mode:

- 6 players
- 50 VC

ATG Bombing:

- 24 players
- US must destroy VC AAA gun

Map features:

- Night
- Working mini-map
- Awesome ambience with owls, crickets, and other night time noises

Tested and tested and seems to be bug free. Happy hunting :-)
7190 KB
26.05.2004 07:06:18

Thank you for trying {US} Teamwork to Survives FIRST CUSTOM MAP!!!

Created by: Pvt. Dj Swift

A.I. Scripting by: WRX_02_227

Thank you to all Beta testers: WRX_02_227, Raptor, Liveround, Viet-Commando, Capt. Gray, Spookey, Lt. Goldman,
Kroenen-Blitzkrieg, Twilight Dark, ArchAngel, and Pestilence. Couldn't have done it without you!!

Game Modes:

Coop for 10 players with 54 VC

C.T.F. for 40 players. Very fair map!! Ammo boxes are inside towers above each flag.

ATG-Pilot for 31 players

Hope everyone enjoys this map. Remember tactics are the key to success in this map, a "Rambo" will die in seconds!

Known bugs:

1: Handmap in Coop works fine until map is won by the US. Then it will change to NVAbase for some reason.

Anymore bugs? Post a message at
18715 KB
03.07.2006 19:42:39

We decided to make a jungle terrain suitable for COOP and CTF. This is a custom map which was made for the Custom Map Contest at Pterodon. This is my first map made using 3dsmax6 combined with the PteroEngine Editor. Thanks to all the helpful ideas, suggestions from VETMET in the maiking of this great map. I like to give the following special thanks to:

TRAVX for the Handmap, Rain, Most all waypoints,
OZ for the BATTLEMODEAGR scripts,
Victor Charles/Jeepers for VC uniforms and weapons

And to the following VETMET team and Beta testers: Shecky,TRAVX, Murphy, Maddie, OZ, Jeepers, Solar, Victor Charles, Doc Savage, SLY, Trinity, Arroz, ZevenUp, Bling, August, Agt. Smith

This map has 12 US soldiers vs 52 VC (Coop)
and has 28 U.S. vs. 28 Vietcong (CTF)

Map features Two Bases (VC & US) , plenty of tunnels, forified bunkers and machineguns, strategically placed VC (Coop) and flags/ammo boxes (CTF), Stream, Waterfall, and jungle terrain w/ ambients...HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE!!!!

27462 KB
18.06.2005 05:04:38
DownStreamDuskUST2S.zipDownStreamDuskUST2S by Pvt. Dj Swift

Nice long map here. Dj duplicated the Vietcong "credits" scene and added Coop and ATG to it. It's very nicely done. Teamwork is a must with this map ;-)

Supports Coop and ATG- Pilot modes


8 players

50 VC

ATG Pilot:

24 players
7269 KB
05.06.2004 19:23:50
ProtectStormBaseDuskUST2S.zipProtectStormBaseDuskUST2S by WRX_02_227

Supports Coop and ATG


10 players

50 VC (30 of them will run into the base "frontier" style)

4 mounted M-60's... you might need them ;-)

ATG - Pilot

24 players

Hope you all enjoy this map.

Sometimes the VC won't run up if the "restartmap" command is given. I have the same thing happen on Frontier too so I don't know what it is.
5604 KB
07.06.2004 07:11:10
UST2Scamp.zipUST2Scamp created by Pvt. Dj Swift

Using WRX_02_227's AI scrpiting ;-)

Supports Coop mode and ATG-Pilot

- 8 players for COOP
- 56 VC

- 24 players for ATG
- LZ at end of road near broken bridge

Map features a working mini-map and mounted M-60's at base

Hope everyone enjoys the map. Dj worked really hard on it and we have tested it for about 12 days.

Happy VC hunting :-)
6264 KB
20.05.2004 07:02:22
apocalypse.rarApocalypse Now - not to be confused with Chris Tsamados' map of same name.

Map played a lot on TC servers.

Unknown map-maker at time of upload.

Great coop on this map.

Keep your heads down at the start!
8709 KB
04.07.2006 16:36:13
Cambodia_UST2S_AMB.zipCambodia_UST2S_AMB map (Ambiance)

Re-Modded: by Cowboy 10/12/04

Scripting: by WRX_02_227 & Cowboy

Modeling help: Vietcommando

Average FPS: 20 to 45 (this all depends on your machine)

Size: 18MB

Teams: US 10, VC 53

Special Ai: Super sniper ("I been hit!" Body bag!), Crazy VC (Look out, he's coming right at us!), and Tuff man VC (OMG, I dumped a whole clip into that #%&3*!).

Easter eggs: yes

Bugs: you tell me. PM Cowboy at (This is the final version and no update will be made unless I made a big mistake somewhere.)

*Updated map setting: This is the same map as the Cambodia_UST2S the only changes are...
1. The Ambiance lighting effects from the white/gray fog (I had some people saying it looked like snow was all around them.).
2. A few more waypoints for the Ai to run around to. Nothing much but they can get to some more empty zones, and moved some starting placments of the Ai.
3. The Jap skull has been updated.
4. Sunk some trees and brush that was above ground.
5. The lower ladder has been fixed for easyer access.
6. Tree sniper will not jump out anymore. (I hope)
6. OK I have got a few replys that the Ai is just to darn easy, so I have improved on there abliltys to dish it out more! (OMG! We'll will never win... Oh yes you will, it just takes team work!) OK, OK just 2 of them have been updated because they just looked at you and did nothing, now they are bezerker mad men ready to die for there country... and they will.

Hope you enjoy this updated map. Remember tactics are the key to success in this map, a "Rambo" will die in seconds!

Beta testers: WRXs, Raptor, Themaster, Liveround, DJ, Viet, Capt. Gray, Spookey, [LaG]M0dding, and a whole lot more... again.

I learned alot while making this Mod and gained some skills I didn't have before, and just wanted to thank the VC community in helping me along the way.

and remember "Let he who harms the dead get the boot!"

UST2S, Cowboy and the rest involved with making this map accept no responsibility if the warning is not headed.
If you do decide to disrespect the dead warrior and something occurs, just say "no".
17655 KB
13.10.2004 09:29:11
BunkerHell.zipBunkerHell finalised.

Map maker: Kyber.

Bloody tough map!

58 VC who come looking for you! And they have damned good eyes too!

Nice use of tracers.

Don't try it solo on Vietnam setting - I found it tough to even get possitive stats - but I always did (just) - Cosmic Cat was on fire on the map!
19185 KB
04.07.2006 16:49:12 Co-op Map Pack

You need to have a BitTorrent client installed if you want to download this file! Some free clients: BitComet, Azureus, uTorrent.

A initial seed is provided for all files but it's quite slow, we need people to seed the files. So, when you download the file keep seeding it at least for some time.

Includes following UST2S maps:



Unzip and copy all of the files under data folder in your Vietcong\data folder and files under maps folder in Vietcong\maps.

For example c:\Program Files\Vietcong\data and c:\Program Files\Vietcong\maps

You can also unzip the archive directly to your Vietcong folder and all files should go into right folders.
27 KB
Map packs
17.07.2006 15:06:36 Co-op Map Pack

You need to have a BitTorrent client installed if you want to download this file! Some free clients: BitComet, Azureus, uTorrent.

A initial seed is provided for all files but it's quite slow, we need people to seed the files. So, when you download the file keep seeding it at least for some time.

Includes following SFX maps:


Most of these maps are also included in =Strike Force= Addon.


Unzip and copy all files in Vietcong\maps folder. For example c:\Program Files\Vietcong\maps
23 KB
Map packs
13.07.2006 17:22:11

Coop Re-do by WRX_02_227

Thanks to Xtreme for allowing UST2S to redo his map with new Coop A.I.

- Coop mode only

- 10 Players

- 50 VC

Hope you enjoy.

This might be my last map for VC.

18462 KB
12.09.2004 10:06:16
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