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devilsrock.zipName: Devils Rock
Game Modes: coop, ctf
Author: | Luke Stafford
Description: Lost deep in the Vietnam jungle the Devils Rock is a place of mystery and intrigue. Riddled with NVA this is a real hot zone of activity. The US have established a vantage point for a LZ and things are about to get messy so keep your eye sharp and your head down!
Installation: Unzip the .zip file to your Vietcong2\Maps folder.

This map is included in the full package of Fist Bravo add-on for Vietcong 2.
48896 KB
16.10.2006 18:54:40
VET_PMTCITADEL.rarCscreen01_20070218200127.jpgPMT releases CITADEL

VET textured 3DS Max file and finalized for COOP

It will take an Elite Team to take all 50 VC out of the temple area.
11141 KB
18.02.2007 20:01:27
VET_JARAI.rarCustom Map : VET_JARAI.rar
Author : VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamwork MapEditingTeam)

With thanks and appreciation from the Vietcong coop communities.

11559 KB
22.03.2005 17:26:46
Coop-plyable VC2 map
beware of the snipers!
8557 KB
15.06.2007 16:47:58

Author : VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamwork MapEditingTeam)

With thanks and appreciation from the Vietcong coop communities.


16704 KB
25.03.2005 10:54:00
vietcong_v141_patch.exeVietcong v1.41 patch for the UK/Euro version of the game.

You must have v1.30 patch installed before installing this patch.

If you have Fist Alpha, you don't need this patch!
7730 KB
11.07.2006 20:02:37
TMG-BigRiver_part1_v1.rarTMG-BigRiver_part1_v1 by Tommy Bonez

Patrol down the river

45 VCs 10player

! Camo Gear !
13809 KB
13.07.2005 17:29:20
VET_STREAM.rarUpdate 21/1/05

Custom Map : VET_STREAM.rar
Author : VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamwork MapEditingTeam)

With thanks and appreciation from the Vietcong coop communities.

5105 KB
22.03.2005 17:28:23
StrikeforceInstall.rar.torrentVietcong: =Strike Force= Addon

You need to have a BitTorrent client installed if you want to download this file! Some free clients: BitComet, Azureus, uTorrent.

A initial seed is provided for all files but it's quite slow, we need people to seed the files. So, when you download the file keep seeding it at least for some time.

=Strike Force= addon contains seven exciting new multiplayer maps, as well as the popular "GroundZero", consisting of jungle and urban sceneries with several game types, such as "capture the flag (CTF)", "assault team game (ATG)", and "cooperative (COOP)".

If you want to download only the maps from =Strike Force= addon, you can download =SFX= Map Pack
25 KB
13.07.2006 17:21:45
(TRX)TakeBack.zipThis COOP mission is based on the multiplayer 'Radio Relay' scenario.

U.S. Air Mobile units must launch an all-out assault on the strategically-important radio relay installation which has been overrun by the VC. The base must be recaptured at all costs.

Credits: Thanks to Avenger and Disease for their creative input to this map.
5423 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
09.10.2007 22:14:00
TMG-Cathedral_v1.rarFound this old project on my HDD ...

TMG-Cathedral_v1 by Tommy Bonez

10player coop map

-as I dont have VC2 installed anymore, u got to take the map as it is, but I hope the map is ok
40137 KB
30.01.2007 18:34:05
RisingSun_VET_KHOTHAN.rarVCK's MOD single player version we have converted to Coop. The supply truck has been ambushed at the dam, and we cannot afford to lose the precious cargo to the Vietcong. Take your Elite team of soldiers and wipe out all VC and recover the supplies. Good luck!

10 US players vs. 43 Vietcong

5478 KB
31.07.2005 04:40:34

Custom Map : VET_DEATHVALLEY.rar
Author : VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamwork MapEditingTeam)

With thanks and appreciation from the Vietcong coop communities.

18415 KB
22.03.2005 17:27:55

Author Chris Tsamados aka *Cpl. Elias*

I decided to remake my AshuaValley map. I have included more cover at the beginning and have deleted lots of bushes and colliisions at the turn in the road past the bunker, which was a real bitch to get past.

The map includes the modified Coop scripts, so you get weapons staying on the ground, and funky music if you complete the map. Theres also a TourCoop mode this includes bleeding, no kill chart and the map resets itself when everyone dies.

4371 KB
14.07.2005 09:44:48

Bravo company have sustained small arms fire to their chopper and pilot. They had to ditch the chopper in nearby temple ruins. Shortly after landing the pilot dies. They have landed behind enemy lines and the area is crawling with VC. You know the VC are coming, prepare your elite squad of soldiers and take on the approaching VC...

12 US elite players versus 52 Vietcong guerillas

compliments of VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam)

Visit our website for the latest news on VC1 and VC2...
11359 KB
21.11.2005 10:06:38
(TRX)CrashSite.zipThis mission is based upon the multiplayer 'Thundercreek' map.

A U.S. unit discovers a downed Thunderchief, but there is no sign of the pilot; he is almost certainly dead or has been taken by the VC. Orders are to determine the fate of the pilot and to engage all VC units in the area.

Credits: Thanks to Mr.Bronson, Faldo, Do Not Touch and Gringo for their creative input and help with testing of this map.

COOP: 6 Players
10803 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
15.02.2009 17:19:06
VET_DAOMU.rarVET Deathvalley revisited...improved framerates for all to enjoy this map!!! Can host 10 players now instead of 8 and there are 54 Vc ready to challenge all of your skills...

(VETMET) VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam
16764 KB
25.03.2005 04:08:28
VET_AMBUSHVCCoop.rarThe U.S. soldiers are attempting to hold a group of islands off the coast. We must not allow the yanks to estblish a stronghold on our soil. We attack immediatley during daylight hours, and show no mercy!

Coop Mode - 10 VC soldiers vs. 52 well armed Americans...Good Luck!
23263 KB
28.08.2005 04:07:38
DjoseCanyon.zipDjoseCanyon by Kyber

Coop mode only.
2826 KB
04.07.2006 16:37:02
jpv-redzone-beta4.zipFile obtained from the JPV site.

With thanks to the maps author.

[JPV] Red Zone (Beta4) (8.0MB)

The ninth cartridge of small site original!
This editing multi-map "Storm" is used as the base.
It becomes the US side and the attack from an enemy (VC) is met night.
There is postponement time for 2 minutes after Start.
Interceptor systems, such as a trap, are prepared in the meantime.
I am installing the support team (eight persons) by Ally AI, and think that a few people can also enjoy themselves.
A capacity of ten. For AI, VC is eight support teams at 46 persons. The map only for Coop(s).
AI moves. A map (Radioman) can also be used.

When revival is carried out "per platoon", it becomes the real play of "having no revival."
Even if arms and ammunition pass fixed time, it does not disappear.
"Point(s)" (the number of rounds) can be specified to be map end conditions in addition to "Time."

2004/6/27 Beta 4
- Change AI so that it may rush at random.
- The conversation which joked only by Server Play can be heard. (Addition)
- Correct fine B.U.G.
8015 KB
04.07.2006 16:50:13
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