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Filename Description Size Category Date

COOP (best in Vietcong Mode)

Thanks to =extreme= @ DSOP

Have fun in da jungle!!!!!!
17099 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:18


'Hills Of The Fear'

(needs winRAR to install

COOP map

Author : SeeK (thanks for the visit, and the nade!)

Enjoy the map ladies.......!

11463 KB
04.07.2006 16:50:39
VET_3CANYONS.rarYour 12-man elite team should have no problem clearing out the canyon area along the Song Nong River. This strategic waterway is vital to control, and the 50 VC will have something to say about your insertion into this important location. Intel reports several VC snipers are in the area, stay alert!3719 KB
17.04.2005 21:25:10
riverdale.exeRiverdale MP map including coop mode.
Install into Vietcong\Maps folder!
19686 KB
24.11.2007 16:03:01
VET_HANGINGBRIDGE.rarFile obtained with thanks at:

Author : VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamwork MapEditingTeam)


10500 KB
22.03.2005 17:29:07
TMG-Palace_v1.rarTMG-Palace v1

10 Player Coop map
20132 KB
21.11.2006 19:04:47
TMG-Bridge_part2_v1.rar...and another old (and the last) project I found

TMG-Bridge part 2 by Tommy Bonez

10player Coop map

-as I dont have VC2 installed anymore, I hope this map works fine and u have some fun
16274 KB
30.01.2007 18:54:43
VET_OLDTEMPLE.rarIntel reports VC are using a sacred old temple as a barricade for their underground mine factory...Air bombardment has been declined since the temple has been around for hundreds of years, and is sacred landmark for the long resident Vietnamese. You have been granted a 10 man crew of highly trained Elite soldiers to disrupt their operation. Mission objective is to completely wipe out the VC and resecure the temple. Good Luck!

Be careful in the underground tunnels,...they are very dangerous....and the flashlight works "hit the L button" to enable flashlight while down there...

Visit at your convenience, for the latest news related to VC and VC2...

11805 KB
18.09.2005 06:42:30
[AT]Urban_Warfare.zipUrban Warfare 1_20091104223021.jpg[AT]Urban_Warfare

Coop map for VC1 created by Vaclav, Alpha Team,

This is a remake of Arooga City map by Tune. Last year Bob reworked Tune's map. It could be played by 16 players (6 players only on original Arooga City) against 42 bots. Some objects were added into the map and some bots were moved. Also respawn points were moved on the opposite map side. But Bob's version had one fundamental mistake - character of Hawkins had white face (missing texture). So that map was removed from website for repairing. But Bob has never repaired his map because of lack of free time.
Some time ago I tried to repair Bob's map and I added some small improvements - new US uniform skin, new skins for some weapons (AK47, Scorpion, Thompson, M1, M14, Remington 870), more bots and more waypoints for them, new object of sightseeing tower, US weapons for some bots, the fence in Baikal street was removed, etc.

My version of map has slightly different name compared to Bob's version:
[AT]urban_warfare - old version (Bob)
[AT]Urban_Warfare - actual version

IMPORTANT: If you don't have the Fist Alpha Add-on, some of the bots will look like "Hawkins" (including new US uniform skin, but with Vietnamese caps).

Enjoy urban warfare. :-)

Coop mode only.
12 players
51 bots
28877 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
05.11.2009 00:41:23

Game Types:
CTF support for up to 32 players
ATG support for up to 32 players
Coop support for up to 10 players - including 36 enemys on 160 random respawn points + 2 Friendly Assistance players (Crocker + Defort)

Whole terrain and leveldesign 2005 by Luke

Bug fix :
Fog problem fixed

Appreciation & thanks from all the coop communities.
7793 KB
04.07.2006 16:47:01
Vietcong-RedDawn.rar.torrentVietcong: Red Dawn as a BitTorrent file.

You need to have a BitTorrent client installed if you want to download this file! Some free clients: BitComet, Azureus, uTorrent.

A initial seed is provided for all files but it's quite slow, we need people to seed the files. So, when you download the file keep seeding it at least for some time.

If you prefer using eMule (or any other eDonkey network compatible client) here's a ed2k LINK.
I'm providing the release seed for the file.

UPDATE 2006-07-04: Torrent file updated, I'm hosting it on my own tracker
24 KB
04.07.2006 17:57:02
(TRX)RiverBridge.zipThis COOP mission is based on the single player 'wide river' area.

A U.S. 'black ops' team must enter into Cambodia to locate and destroy a VC encampment which is integral to the enemy supply route along the Nong River and which controls the only viable river crossing in the area.

Credits: Thanks to Avenger and Disease for their creative input to this map.
12265 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
09.10.2007 22:13:48
editor-v161.zipThe Vietcong editor v1.619007 KB
29.04.2004 09:33:05
RisingSun.rar.torrentVietcong: Rising Sun Addon

You need to have a BitTorrent client installed if you want to download this file! Some free clients: BitComet, Azureus, uTorrent.

A initial seed is provided for all files but it's quite slow, we need people to seed the files. So, when you download the file keep seeding it at least for some time.

This addon contains 4 exciting singleplayer missions and 8 tremendous multiplayer maps which are ready for you to fight with your friends or make your clanwars.

Additional to the normal gamemodes you know from Vietcong or Vietcong: Fist Alpha, there is a new gamemode called HtB (Hold the Base) and many more different Coop modes. E.g. UsTCoop with bots on your side or VcCoop. On some maps you can play CTF with bots against bots. May you know this game mode CTFBots from Red Dawn. Skins and new sounds - especially many new weapon sounds - diversify to the old "Vietcong life". In Coop night missions you can use the lightstick as a little special to get a better perspective.
22 KB
17.07.2006 15:05:54
(TRR)Halong_Garden.zipThis scenario is based upon the multiplayer 'Halong-Hell-3' map; many thanks to the creator ('badass'?) of the original, which can be found on the download pages.

The map offers a rich, enhanced and expanded Halong Port fighting experience with multiple game modes supported.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 25.07.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the care, attention to detail and creativeness exercised in producing this map.

ATG(30), CTF(30), TDM(30), DM (20)
4838 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
26.11.2008 22:48:53


Author: Deus ex Machina (machina5150 at

Some cool lighting!
9232 KB
04.07.2006 16:52:47
Vietcong_v130.exeVietcong v1.30 patch for the UK/Euro version of the game.

If you have Fist Alpha, you don't need this patch!
32733 KB
11.07.2006 19:58:31
TRmappack.rar1st TR Mappack with the final Versions include!
maps included:
TR-Deadzone with handmap fix!
34127 KB
Map packs
05.03.2007 11:42:48
DezertRatz.rarThe end of my Desert experiment

Coop only

10 players
54 VC

10710 KB
04.07.2006 16:38:04
VET_CHU_LAI.rarCustom Map : VET_CHU_LAI.rar

Author : VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamwork MapEditingTeam)
14630 KB
22.03.2005 17:25:24
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