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Filename Description Size Category Date[JPV] Tet Offensive (Beta3)

A base map is 'Base Camp'.
US side, Defend base battle.

Mission Objective:
Guard rosenfield from an enemy's attack !


- US side, Defend base battle.
- Over 64 VC.
Game Mode 'CoopS' 50 VC, 'CoopM' 100 VC, 'CoopL' 200VC.
- 'Whole Team' game is no recovery system.
- The map end rule is 'Time' and 'Points' system.
- Maximum player is 10.
7920 KB
04.07.2006 16:48:46
VET_DUSTCITY.rarUrbanized warfare setting at dawn in the Dust City...The VC are trying to protect their city, which has been supplying enemy forces in the area. Your mission is to incapacitate Vietnamese forces which guard the precious cargo.

Dawn lighting with spotlights, camoflauge skins (provided by Tommy Bones), 10 US soldiers vs. 54 hostile VC, and new object placements including a custom Buddha in the temple...

Visit our website during R&R at
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31.08.2005 05:16:47[BC]FrenchRouteB_VC

(A map by Perdurabo of Brisbane Coop's)

6892 KB
04.07.2006 16:51:10
halong.zipName: Halong Port 2
Game modes: coop, ctf, dm, tdm
Author: | Luke Stafford
Description: Back to the waterfront.
Installation: Unzip the .zip file to your Vietcong2\Maps folder.

This map is included in the full package of Fist Bravo add-on for Vietcong 2.
26485 KB
16.10.2006 18:48:40
FistBravo.zipfistbravotitlescreensx5_20061018122459.jpgFist Bravo addon for Vietcong 2.

This is the full version.

Installation: Unpack the .zip file to your Vietcong 2 folder.

More info about the addon at the indiGlow website
250227 KB
18.10.2006 12:27:09
=sfx=rivercrossing.rar=SFX= River Crossing

Map taken from the =SFX= addon
14522 KB
04.07.2006 16:32:59
(TRR)Lost_Valley.zipThis mission is based upon the multiplayer 'Storm' map.

Long range U.S. patrols report that the VC are defending an old pathway through the mountains and into the jungle margins. There is believed to be a village nearby which has been occupied by the VC; the size of the village and the numbers of enemy units are unknown. The mission is to seek and destroy, eliminating all enemy forces encountered.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 28.08.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the care involved in producing this map.

COOP(6), CTF(36), DM(40), TDM(40)
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(TRL) / (TRX)
26.11.2008 22:33:32
TMG-Citadel_v1.rarTMG-Citadel v1 by Tommy Bonez

Converted Singleplayer mission

10 Players
60 Enemys

...might get updated somewhen
14608 KB
13.11.2006 17:25:39
(TRR)ArroyoNight.zipThis night-time mission is based upon the multiplayer 'Arroyo' map and features creatively balanced lighting to ensure excellent gameplay even though the action takes place in the dark.

A weary U.S. Special Forces Unit is returning to basecamp deep in the night when the engine of the Huey develops a fault and bursts into flames; the pilot makes an heroic emergency landing but does not survive the crash. The team are shaken and bruised but alive, and must make a stand against the superior numbers of VC who are rapidly closing in on the crash site. There is only one option, to fight to the last man and to avoid capture at all costs.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 01.08.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the creativity involved in producing this map.

COOP(6), ATG(30), CTF(24), DM (30)
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(TRL) / (TRX)
26.11.2008 22:43:22
DeepPitchV2.rarDeep Pitch v2 by Nix

Map of the biggest scale, primarily built for cooperative game mode..

Game modes:

ATG (12pl.) Assault team game.

CTF (12pl.) Capture the flag.

Coop (10us vs. 54vc) Powered by JPV:)

DMC (12pl.) Death match classic.
Same as DM but you can select weapon at the beginning.
21404 KB
04.07.2006 16:35:53
vc2hamburgerhill.rarhamburgerhill_20061230142506.jpgHamburger Hill for VC2 by Thoben(?)

Game modes:
34798 KB
01.01.2007 11:37:26
supplytrail_beta1.rarsuplytrail1_20061224154452.jpgAuthor: Vatu

Instalation: Unpack content of archive into your Vietcong2\maps directory.

Game modes:
Coop 10 players against 60 bots
CTF 32 payers
TDM 10 players
DM 10 players
42459 KB
29.12.2006 15:04:51
MeatGrinderNightMapPack1.rarThe Meat Grinder Night Map Pack #1
You need this map pack to play on the server during the Saturday Special #3 on 3.4.2004!

Install into Vietcong\ folder!

Maps included in the pack:
No Mans Land
Smoke Port

71272 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 17:00:11
assault.rarAssaulT by SeeK

Coop, CTF, DM and TDM game modes.
15284 KB
04.07.2006 16:37:09
AGU_HALONG.rar12 Player Co-op map
51 VC

You have been dispatched to Halong Port. Here you will regain control by eliminating all the VC that you can find..
10651 KB
04.07.2006 16:27:42[BC]CrashCrescent2-VC by Perdurabo / Brisbane Coop's

This map is a complete revamp (and huge improvement) of the [BC]Crash Crescent map, with the abilty to play the COOP as VC. There has been a lot of jungle added to the original map, so there is much more cover now. The atmosphere has also been enhanced with various effects. The AI enemy have also been improved in a number of areas. Once you play this map, you'll never go back to playing the original CrashCrescent .
11152 KB
04.07.2006 16:47:55
=sfx=usbc.rar=SFX= USBC

Modes: COOP, CTF
Map taken from the =SFX= addon
13492 KB
04.07.2006 16:32:23

You are part of a hand-picked elite team of twelve soldiers. Two choppers have been shot down. Your mission is the recoverey of any survivors. The Vietcong are expecting a search and rescue effort, and will meet you with heavy resistance. So be prepared. Good luck, and expect the unexpected...

(52 total VC - 12 player map)

Visit our website during R&R
16590 KB
14.06.2005 10:22:29
(TRR)Death_Ruins.zipThis mission is based on the NVABase multiplayer map.

*** Description will be added soon ***

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 17.11.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the careful work involved in producing this map.

COOP(6), CTF(30)
10092 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
15.02.2009 17:27:44
(TRR)The_Temple.zipThis night-time mission utilises an entirely new landscape created by Toni Rios.

Recent intelligence reports indicate the use by the Vietcong of an abandoned jungle temple as an arms depot. The mission is to eradicate all VC units from the area and to destroy the ammo dump; any VC units in the surrounding villages must also be eliminated.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 28.08.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the creativity involved in producing this map and the new environment which it occupies.

COOP(6), CTF(40)
10557 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
26.11.2008 22:39:53
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