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(TRR)Arroyo_fog.zipThis scenario is based upon the multiplayer 'Arroyo' map.

As a U.S. Air Mobile 'duster' flies low over the forest in the early morning mist, a shot from a VC sniper strikes the pilot. The Huey pitches forward, crashing through the trees, which is all that saves the U.S. team from death. Although stunned by the crash, they must quickly regroup and repel any VC forces if they are to avoid being taken prisoner.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 31.07.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the work involved in producing this map.

COOP(6), ATG(30), CTF(24), DM (30)
3479 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
26.11.2008 22:45:44
(TRR)ArroyoNight.zipThis night-time mission is based upon the multiplayer 'Arroyo' map and features creatively balanced lighting to ensure excellent gameplay even though the action takes place in the dark.

A weary U.S. Special Forces Unit is returning to basecamp deep in the night when the engine of the Huey develops a fault and bursts into flames; the pilot makes an heroic emergency landing but does not survive the crash. The team are shaken and bruised but alive, and must make a stand against the superior numbers of VC who are rapidly closing in on the crash site. There is only one option, to fight to the last man and to avoid capture at all costs.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 01.08.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the creativity involved in producing this map.

COOP(6), ATG(30), CTF(24), DM (30)
3555 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
26.11.2008 22:43:22
(TRR)The_Temple.zipThis night-time mission utilises an entirely new landscape created by Toni Rios.

Recent intelligence reports indicate the use by the Vietcong of an abandoned jungle temple as an arms depot. The mission is to eradicate all VC units from the area and to destroy the ammo dump; any VC units in the surrounding villages must also be eliminated.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 28.08.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the creativity involved in producing this map and the new environment which it occupies.

COOP(6), CTF(40)
10557 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
26.11.2008 22:39:53
(TRR)Lost_Valley.zipThis mission is based upon the multiplayer 'Storm' map.

Long range U.S. patrols report that the VC are defending an old pathway through the mountains and into the jungle margins. There is believed to be a village nearby which has been occupied by the VC; the size of the village and the numbers of enemy units are unknown. The mission is to seek and destroy, eliminating all enemy forces encountered.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 28.08.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the care involved in producing this map.

COOP(6), CTF(36), DM(40), TDM(40)
8269 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
26.11.2008 22:33:32
hai_lang.rarhailang_20081122043534.jpg"My vc2 map is done.

Its including COOP_VC (first time in vc2) and COOP_US with randomly used AI vehicle animations.(every time you start the game its choosing randomly vehicle animation from 12 animations)
So the coop is bit different every time.

I was copying some parts from other maps and change those. Thought before that its good idea but it wasn't. Example one village is from Frontier and the houses was full of useless faces and texture bugs.
The other parts of map is created quite easily and its bit empty because I want good FPS.

So you can rate my work and give me suitable job.
Don't be to hard, its my second full size map and I am still learning."

Map created by Ando.
38668 KB
22.11.2008 04:46:13
LangLy-Ruins.rar6 player COOP: "You can respaw in the two bunkers ! Get out and kill all VC in the Jungle. The ennemies must be twenty or more... Good luck - (it is very important to have a good PC)"

12 player ATG: "LangLy-Ruins is a very good map for the ATG Killall mode ! Just a life for each, with the enemies behind some ruins in a small jungle."

12 player CTF: "Be careful with the kill-respawn. You must securise your area before, then to protect your flag and finally attack the ennemies and take their flag !"

12 player DM: "No rules. You must kill everybody ! It's a deathmatch."

12 player TDM: "Team Deathmatch in a small jungle with several ruins."

12 player RW: "It's a good mode. There are 4 flags. Be careful with this jungle because LangLy-Ruins is a very dangerous map !"

Map made by Kjeldorius.
11637 KB
10.11.2008 20:22:32
de_DUST2_DLX.rarOVERVIEW MAP_20081109181838.jpg"This is the final version of de_dust2 i have added coop and tdmc and some details, corrected bugs and perfected the ingame map added cords to it for more strategic game play. The coop is for up to 6 players agains 40 vc bots devided in 4 groups with medics, you will easy spot the medics i have used the vc girl as medic.
The map now suports: ATG, ATG-Bomb, TDMC, DMC, Colt, CTF, COOP."

Map edited by Float.
21352 KB
09.11.2008 18:18:38
OrangeCity.rar8 player COOP. 40 player ATG. 32 player CTF/DM/DMC/TDM/TDMC/RW.

Map made by Ho Chi Minh.
77185 KB
03.11.2008 04:24:08
VET_JUNGLEPOINT.rar"You are part of an Elite Team of 10, hand picked for a mission to destroy an enemy base. Your primary target is a NVA Colonel, he is to be terminated. He is located deep within the base. Good luck with this as you will be under heavy mortar fire on your approach."

10 player COOP. 52 VC AI.

Map edited by {SAS}OZ with VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team).
20505 KB
03.11.2008 02:02:28
LangHoangHon.rar"U.S intelligence reports a hidden tunnel complex near a village. Be careful for there is a reason to believe this area contains NVA Regulars. Good luck."

10 player COOP. 51 VC AI.

Map made by Tomcat777.
18298 KB
03.11.2008 01:43:59
Warehouse_beta1.05.zipWarehouse_beta1_20081026133742.05.jpg6 Player COOP. 30 Player ATG/CTF. 24 Player DM/TDM.

27 VC AI.

Map made by Float.
40656 KB
02.11.2008 03:52:40
HalongRainV2.rar"Halong Port in rain with new US Player tiger camo skins..."

6 Player COOP. 39 VC AI.

Map edited by Dominik.
6581 KB
02.11.2008 03:50:45
Thai_Phu.rar10 player COOP. 64 player CTF/DMC. 20 player ATG PILOT.

54 VC AI.

Map made by [MCF]Tocra@.
26237 KB
02.11.2008 03:33:57
VC2_v1.10.7zVietcong 2 v1.10 patch for manual installation, just extract to your Vietcong 2 folder and overwrite files. This is for the ENGLISH version of the game!8216 KB
17.10.2008 21:33:43
Vietcong2_update_1_10.zipVietcong 2 v1.10 patch


If you can't install the patch and just get the "cannot find previous installation" or something like that then you could try manually extracting the files from the patch with the CBF extractor to your VC2 installation.

- Don
9354 KB
17.10.2008 21:19:27
(TRX)TheClearing.zipThe mission takes place in a new operational area.

A U.S. patrol emerges from the river gorge into a clearing; there has been no sign of the VC units which are known to be active in the area.

Credits: Thanks to Faldo and Mr.Bronson for their creative input and help with testing of this map.
6340 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
10.08.2008 15:10:34
(TRX)DejaVu.zipThis mission is based upon the (TRX)Wetlands map, derived from the multiplayer 'Moorland' map; it has been changed from the original to introduce greater mobility of the VC units.

Repeated missions have failed to eradicate strong VC resistance in the swamplands of the Cambodian border; more units are to be inserted in order to secure success.

Credits: Thanks to Gringo, Faldo, Mr.Bronson Tony Rios and Commando for their creative input and help with testing of this map.
11586 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
10.08.2008 14:55:30
(TRX)SenLacRidge.zipThis mission is based upon the multiplayer 'Storm' map.

A gunship carrying a U.S. Special Forces team has been dispatched to determine the status of an abandoned outpost; with the Huey damaged during setdown, the U.S. team hurries to improve the limited fortifications, knowing that enemy units are not far away.

Credits: Thanks to Mr.Bronson, Faldo, Gringo, Commando and Tony Rios for their creative input and help with testing of this map.
12849 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
10.08.2008 14:36:39
(TRX)SilentPool.zipThis forest mission is based upon the multiplayer 'Waterfall' map.

After climbing down into a steep-sided gorge, a U.S. patrol discovers a secluded forest pool; there are signs that VC units are operating in the area.

Credits: Thanks to Faldo, Mr.Bronson, Gringo, Commando and Tony Rios for their creative input and help with testing of this map.
7549 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
10.08.2008 14:33:18
[AT]Glen.zipGlen 1 _20080804222506.jpg[AT]Glen
Coop map for VC1 created by Vaclav, Alpha Team,

This is a remake of Crashsite_v1 map by Dominik. Map is bigger than original, it contains a new area with a small village.

Coop - 10 players, 53 VCs
7563 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
05.08.2008 17:45:26
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