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Filename Description Size Category Date
nammoi-fgmd-mp.zipNamMoi by fRagiLeMOD / Vietcong Maps

Game modes: CTF, ATG, DM, TDM and Coop

23253 KB
04.07.2006 16:47:48
Parameter.rarThis is Nix's masterpiece which won Pterodons Custom map Contest,...good job Nix and those who helped develop it...

General Info:
Parameter was primarily built for CTF, although it also contains other modes.
The map is small/medium sized and has a quite simple concept;
the river is dividing US and VC side.
Ideal both for close & long distance combat...

Exclusive Features:
- Two daylight settings: sunny noon time & afternoon/dusk rainy weather!

- Both VC & US Coop modes!

Game modes:

ATG (12pl.) Assault team game.

ATG with bots (8pl.) Assault team game with/against ai.

CTF (12pl.) Capture the flag.

CTF with bots (8pl.) Capture the flag with/against ai.

CoopUS (6pl.) US Cooperative.

CoopVC (6pl.) VC Cooperative.

DM (12pl.) Death match.

DMC (12pl.) Death match classic.
Same as DM but you can select weapon at the beginning.

TCA (20pl.) Team coordinated assault. (20pl.)
A map has 2 flags per side, the team must capture both
and coordinate the return of the flags to the base,
so they arrive back within a short period of time.
US base is watchtower, while VC's base are ladders.

TDM (12pl.) Team death match.

TDMC (12pl.) Team death match classic.
Same as TDM but you can choose weapon at the beginning.
24338 KB
04.07.2006 16:36:01
=sfx=jungleruins.rar=SFX= Jungle Ruins

Modes: COOP, CTF
Map taken from the =SFX= addon
12193 KB
04.07.2006 16:32:43

The tet Offensive took place just 3 days ago. You, and your Elite squad of special forces, have been ordered to recover Ben Tre City. This is urban warfare gentlemen. Make sure to look high and low, behind corners, on balconies, rooftops, and in every room. If you're good enough, you may be able to recover this Vietnamese stronghold. Good Luck!

10 US elite soldiers versus 52 Vietcong

Compliments of Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team (VETMET)

Visit our website at your convenience

22161 KB
30.04.2006 01:37:01

The Vietcong have been waiting for this opportunity for some time. Vietnamese female comrads have kept the American capitalists entertained overnight with sex and alcohol. The American GI's will be tired, relaxed, and unsuspecting of an attack at dawn. this is a great attempt by the Vc to rid its motherland of the imperialist invaders...

12 VC vs. 52 US soldiers

9991 KB
30.06.2005 03:59:16
=sfx=mekong.rar=SFX= Me Kong

Modes: COOP, CTF
Map taken from the =SFX= addon
7864 KB
04.07.2006 16:32:38
Serpent2UST2S.zipSerpent2UST2S by Kroenen-Blitzkrieg

Kroenens first attempt with the editor. Using WRX's Coop scripts ;-)

Coop is the only game mode supported.

- 49 VC

- 10 player support!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun!
2933 KB
13.08.2004 09:27:49
(TRR)The_Village.zipThis mission utilises an entirely new landscape created by Toni Rios.

*** Description will be added soon ***

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 03.11.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the effort involved in producing this map.

COOP(6), CTF(30)
10239 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
26.11.2008 23:00:41
AGU_BIGVALLEY.rar10 Player Co-op map
50 VC 4 Civilians

An urgent radio message has come through. One of our returning choppers has been hit by AA fire and has gone down. There are survivors, and their extraction from a very hot zone is required immediately. They are hold up in some houses close to the chopper. Be warned this area is extremely active, and has been under heavy air attack. This has been stopped so you and your Team of Elite soldiers can get in there... Good Luck.
2643 KB
04.07.2006 16:28:00
girls.zipVC 2 Girl Mod
made by John Hannibal Smith

Changes :
-play as girls
-a little more blood
-changed some of the class and weapon properties

You can only play on servers using the mod.
or you can host your own

Install instructions inside

enjoy ... I did :D
1146 KB
26.04.2006 14:00:21
=sfx=mountaincountry.rar=SFX= Mountain Country

Map taken from the =SFX= addon
8004 KB
04.07.2006 16:32:31
SecondTrailNightUST2S.zipSecondTrailNightUST2S from Pvt. Dj Swift

- Coop only

- 10 player support

- 54 VC
7668 KB
06.09.2004 10:38:45
Tha_HooD_Anget1.0.zipTha Hood Anget 1.0
5605 KB
04.07.2006 16:58:10
thanhhoa-fgmd-mp.zipThanhHoa by fRagiLeMOD
CTF, ATG, DM, TDM (max. 24 players) and Coop (max. 12 players).
28981 KB
04.07.2006 16:53:40
FistBravo_1.1.rarA new version of a Vietcong 2 modification made by IndiGLOW studios.

Instalation: Run "Patcher.exe". This will launch an installation program that will lead you thru the rest of installation.
Do NOT forget to remove previous version of Fist Bravo and any other mods from you Vietcong2 folder before installing !

Changes from previous version:
-Texdb issue of white walls in Hue City/Citadel related maps (Park DM etc)
-Unicode error with French and German etc. Languages
-Missing text in all languages
-3pv Smoke grenade now appears in player hands
-re-evalulated CTF/ASSAULT weapon lists; especially so that M16A1 is more class specific
-bigger difference between AK and Chicom (Ak is now more superior)
-reduced weapon stay times to 2.5 mins from 5 to prevent 'weapon graveyards'
-More historical weapon names
-3pv grenade skins appearing mirrored
-update M67 grenade menu icon

New Content
-modified thompson, xm177e1 and vz.59 sight
-new vc pith helmet in green

-Project Co-ordinators-
Luke 'Oi Oi' Stafford
Andrew 'Andyman' Forster

-Fist Bravo Project Leader-
Jayden 'Zulto' Zullo

-3DSMax Technician-
Ron 'Major Pain' Richter

-Text Translators-
Christophe 'engager Baleine' Robert (French, Spanish, Italian)
Petr Deadfast (Czech)
Ron 'Major Pain' Richter (German)

-Very Special Thanks-
Jiri 'Shigor Birdman' Matyskiewicz

-Beta Testers-
Kylie 'Dynamite' Holdstock
)(tc RaptorM60
)(tc MauT!nek
)(tc Dogg
5523 KB
06.12.2006 15:32:03
SunriseCE.rarSunriseCE, VC Coop map
By [VCK]Mike
7545 KB
04.07.2006 16:57:48
(TRX)Atrocity.zipThis COOP mission is based on the multiplayer 'Stream' map.

Intelligence reports indicate that the VC are holding captured U.S. soldiers at a secluded campsite in the stream valley. A U.S. Special Forces unit is to rescue any survivors and to eradicate any VC forces encountered in the area.

Credits: Thanks to Avenger and Disease for their creative input to this map.
7364 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
09.10.2007 22:17:31

The last stand, in the city of Hue, is the heavily fortified Citadel. It will take an Elite team of 12 soldiers to take the main bunker, and kill the 50 VC regulars guarding the ancient site. Good luck!

This has been Updated because we added CTF 12 vs 12, TDMC and made some minor scripting changes with VC... (January 2nd, 2006)

Sorry for any inconvenience...this IS the absolute final version!
21024 KB
02.01.2006 22:51:32[JPV] Betrayer (Beta 3)

A base map is 'Crash in the jungle'(Single mission map).


- The Chopper fell into the jungle.
Correspondence has stopped near the ruins which the rescue team of a forerunner has on a route.
Although pilot rescue is priority, if possible, join an advance party and return.
It seems that there are many some incomprehensible occurrence in ...,
however this incident. Although it is unidentified, there is rumor that 'Betrayer' is.
It's unknown who it is.
It seems that fog is also deep...
Although it is the worst conditions, please perform a mission carefully....

Mission Mode:
- Coop
Missions are continued although a pilot dies.


- Real-Time fog system. (The depth of a thick fog changes to a real time at random.)
- Reinforcement system by BOT (5 persons). (Sorry. Directions can't be issued)
Two persons(Limand Crocker) follow at the beginning and Pilot and two advance parties(Nhut and Nguyen) join.
Crocker,Nguyen and Pilot is medic. (It approaches and treats by the 'F' key)
- Automatic voice speech system.
- Objective display system. (A objective can be checked by the 'TAB' key)
- All AI is randomizing spawn point system.
- A recovery point is changing system, into five points on a map according to advance.
- 'Whole Team' game is no recovery system.
- The map end rule is 'Time' and 'Points' system.
- Maximum player is 10.
- AI (VC) is 49 persons.
- Multi story system. (A betrayer changes.)


Move a *.cbf and *.dat file to vietcong/maps Folder.
8663 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:38
VET_NHUGIAM.rarVC are using an abandoned prison (VCK's Lockdown) as a hide-out. They are supplying local Vietcong with ordinance and supplies. Your mission is to take your Elite team of 10 highly trained US soldiers and completely wipe out all 54 VC...Good Luck!

These VC are viscious and will sneak up on and out-flank you, very attentive!

Visit for the latest news on the origional VC1 and upcoming VC2 release...
13230 KB
18.09.2005 02:17:21
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