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Uploaded01.12.2007 10:48:28 / Don Turtuma
Downloads547 / 25.03.2024 23:14:24
DescriptionNew version available HERE.

NioGianh - Custom Map Contest 2007 by Kermit

CTF -normal ctf
RADIO -there's one radio on the map, get there as quickly as you can and play your sides music for 2 minutes to win the round!
DTDM -team deathmatch, you spawn in a team, and after some deaths the spawnsets changes and the combat area is somewhere else!
SWAP -kill to make your team bigger, everyone you kill joins your team!
COOP -kill the nva-officer in the village and get back to the drop-zone

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01.12.2007 21:40:06 by Peter Shannon
I tried to play this map and I liked it. But there is one big problem in that map. Sounds of some weapons is not correct (for example SKS Simonov, SVT40, Skorpion, M14) and that problem is then in all maps too. If you remove that map from Vietcong game everythig is OK again.
Peter Shannon, Alpha Team,

29.01.2008 01:54:29 by Cosmic
Yes i also experienced the sounds of the guns being missing or "silenced". I even re-installed the game because i could not find the reason for the missing sounds :( all for nothing..

29.01.2008 10:11:46 by Don Turtuma
Kermit is working on a new version that fixes the sound problems

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