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19.02.2018 10:25:571260
Rude Kostry - Vietcong Theme.mp3
19.02.2018 09:53:361217
19.02.2018 04:06:12768
19.02.2018 02:18:071056
(TRL) / (TRX)
18.02.2018 23:16:041492
18.02.2018 20:22:318286
(TRL) / (TRX)
18.02.2018 20:21:311312
18.02.2018 20:20:567095
(TRL) / (TRX)
18.02.2018 20:19:214352
17.02.2018 17:43:02352

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Filename Last download Count
AirPort.rar18.02.2018 20:22:318286
VCStarter.zip18.02.2018 20:20:567095
FrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL.zip07.01.2018 11:33:276524
DayAfterStormUST2S.zip01.02.2018 00:50:106001
07JANUARY1967.rar15.02.2018 13:46:315294
AmbushReverseUST2S.zip13.02.2018 21:04:425237
DeathValleyUST2Sv2.zip13.02.2018 21:15:305046
BahnarUST2S.zip31.01.2018 19:52:174603
HoChiMinhTrailUST2S.zip01.02.2018 00:50:094539
ArroyoXtremeUST2S.zip31.01.2018 19:29:574427

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The Meat Grinder #1 Maps
Map: Offline... / N/A
Players: N/A
Updated: 08.02.2013 19:09:23
The Meat Grinder #2 Maps
Map: Offline... / N/A
Players: N/A
Updated: 08.02.2013 19:09:25
The Meat Grinder #3 Maps
Map: Offline... / N/A
Players: N/A
Updated: 08.02.2013 19:09:28
The Meat Grinder (Special) Maps
Map: Offline... / N/A
Players: N/A
Updated: 08.02.2013 19:09:30

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Date Name Comment
09.02.2018 21:11:10ChrisFor anyone who loves Vietcong check out Rising Storm 2 on Steam, it looks amazing and draws alot of ideas from Vietcong such as Iron Sights, classes and the need to go low and slow to survive!

No Coop but a really well implemented Squad System.
24.01.2018 22:12:17sonicSometimes it happnes when you are downloading map which uses some fist alpha stuff and you have vanilla Vietcong 1.60 - it keeps downloading forever. Try run your game with Fist Alpha addon.View
21.12.2017 01:42:59RockyIts in the correct folder, it only download in the game still as I haven't played that map yet. Once I do it loads the maps rapid.View
20.12.2017 16:42:08IntruderIf your game still wants to download the map, it's probably because you installed the map's files in the wrong folder. Be sure to copy the 2 files (.dat and .cbf) in the maps folder of your main Vietcong directory.View
18.12.2017 06:06:55RockyIve downloaded TR-NVA specifically because it was taking a while to download the map while I was on the server. So I went ahead and installed it and extracted it to a Vietcong folder. for some reason it doesent seemed to have changed anything, still wants to download the map. is this normal?View
22.10.2017 01:17:16Assassin@Camo
Gamespy is no longer supporting Vietcong, but Gamespy emulation is being hosted by the community so servers are still visible in the server list with some tweaking.
Ask around here if you want to fix the server list:
or just go to where you can see a list of the servers and join through the website, it will have you download a .bat file every time you want to join a server, it launches VC and joins the server automatically when you run it.
19.10.2017 14:49:59CamoGuys do you think VIETCONG MULTIPLAYER is still running ?
28.08.2017 19:49:06MelberOpen server back please :(View
26.07.2017 20:03:19TeodorinTravx is a bitch.enter server, die and leave. No "hello", no "thanks" . Travx is piece of shitView
08.06.2017 22:52:42barbareThx For keep this site alive and we hope see vietcong in steam ... ;) soon.View
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