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The Official date/time is now 19.11.2017 10:22:28 (GMT/UTC+2)

The official server rules for The Meat Grinder here.

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02.03.2017Latest new files disabled
30.03.2011TMG 7 years!
02.09.2009VC2 server
17.09.2008GameSpy list server problems
17.09.2008Feedback email
12.03.2008TMG 4 years birthday party
01.03.2008FAQ section opened
14.02.2008Ventrilo server address change!
31.08.2007Comments back online
13.07.2007VC2 server down permanently

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18.11.2017 22:59:546988
18.11.2017 16:49:49242
18.11.2017 16:22:47151
GW Nang.rar
18.11.2017 16:22:13148
18.11.2017 16:21:21113
18.11.2017 16:19:42164
18.11.2017 15:45:30159
18.11.2017 15:45:01107
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AirPort.rar06.11.2017 15:06:078255
VCStarter.zip18.11.2017 22:59:546988
FrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL.zip18.11.2017 14:22:106519
DayAfterStormUST2S.zip06.11.2017 16:37:585996
07JANUARY1967.rar11.11.2017 13:57:215277
AmbushReverseUST2S.zip06.11.2017 15:06:585230
DeathValleyUST2Sv2.zip06.11.2017 16:39:455039
BahnarUST2S.zip06.11.2017 16:06:104593
HoChiMinhTrailUST2S.zip06.11.2017 22:41:444535
ArroyoXtremeUST2S.zip06.11.2017 15:09:234421

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The Meat Grinder #1 Maps
Map: Offline... / N/A
Players: N/A
Updated: 08.02.2013 19:09:23
The Meat Grinder #2 Maps
Map: Offline... / N/A
Players: N/A
Updated: 08.02.2013 19:09:25
The Meat Grinder #3 Maps
Map: Offline... / N/A
Players: N/A
Updated: 08.02.2013 19:09:28
The Meat Grinder (Special) Maps
Map: Offline... / N/A
Players: N/A
Updated: 08.02.2013 19:09:30

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Date Name Comment
22.10.2017 01:17:16Assassin@Camo
Gamespy is no longer supporting Vietcong, but Gamespy emulation is being hosted by the community so servers are still visible in the server list with some tweaking.
Ask around here if you want to fix the server list:
or just go to where you can see a list of the servers and join through the website, it will have you download a .bat file every time you want to join a server, it launches VC and joins the server automatically when you run it.
19.10.2017 14:49:59CamoGuys do you think VIETCONG MULTIPLAYER is still running ?
28.08.2017 19:49:06MelberOpen server back please :(View
26.07.2017 20:03:19TeodorinTravx is a bitch.enter server, die and leave. No "hello", no "thanks" . Travx is piece of shitView
08.06.2017 22:52:42barbareThx For keep this site alive and we hope see vietcong in steam ... ;) soon.View
19.05.2017 09:03:24mowgli girlbienView
06.05.2017 15:17:30TarzanGood siteView
01.05.2017 22:26:27AloisThanks for keeping this site aliveView
14.04.2017 22:46:07ExperWhat s fun is to bé called à loser by à gringo. Thé whole world hâtes you. As thé Chinese, i took your stuff and made it better, you re not happy, so what? i don t give à shit about your feelings dude. This was some fast-food remake (without thé crashes) for thé homies on vc-coop, with my help, à lot enjoyed thé Citadel for monthes/years.
So say sorry and thank you instead of acting like à crybaby. Only à scumbag can b...h about a map while his country f..ks the world. douchebag
14.04.2017 22:26:12ExperListen gringo. I asked some VET member years ago if i could (maybe Rick) and he said "no problèm, do as you want, thé way you want, just DON T put VET in thé map name so people don't mix it up. Thé traps were putted away because they weren t syncronized wich was causing systematic crashes. You should bé thanksfull instead of acting like à spoiled gringo. Who s stealing and ruining thé world? And you cry for a terrain extracted from à bugged map. Spoiled kid spotted...View
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