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Filenameniogianh1.2.rar (572) Download Link to file
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Uploaded19.02.2008 15:44:02 / Don Turtuma
Downloads810 / 25.03.2024 22:11:43
Copy the .cbf and .dat file into your vietcongmaps folder (create if necessary) and play!
You can remove the older NioGianh files but that isnt necessary to get the Fist Alpha sounds working.

CTF -normal capture the flag mode
RADIO -there is one radio on the map, get there as quickly as you can and play your sides music for 2 minutes to win the round!
DTDM -team deathmatch, you spawn in a team, and after some deaths the spawnsets changes and the combat area is somewhere else!
SWAP -kill to make your team bigger, everyone you kill joins your team!
COOP -kill the nva-officer in the village and get back to the drop-zone
ATG -Eliminate the opposing team to win the round.

Changes from NioGianh to NioGianh1.2:
-fixed: FA sounds not working
-fixed: soundcurves not working
-fixed: map doesnt work with vc1.60
-fixed: multitexture in village too dark
-added: soundswitches
-added: some FA sounds not in vc1.60
-added: more sounds/ambients
-added: more waypoints
-added: atg
-added: more cover in village
-adjusted: lighting settings for some bushes near stream
-adjusted: weird rock-model
-adjusted: m1 carbine sound



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15.03.2008 19:34:25 by Col. Hanzaplast

M1 toy sound! LOL


18.03.2008 18:02:01 by Peter Shannon
No problem, Col. Hanzaplast. It is possible to download the modified version of NioGianh1.2 map. It has original M1 carbine sound.
Peter Shannon, Alpha Team,

05.11.2009 19:21:07 by Zybero
Crashes to desktop when loader is midway..Any ideas?

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