Term Description Notes
kiaKilled in actionYou can report multiple casualties like this: 2KIA
+Reports a confirmed killYou can repeat the + to report multiple kills with one report like this: +++
afkAway from keyboardUsed to inform other players that you are going for a smoke, having a drink etc.
ramboWannabe killing machineThis is the guy who runs towards the enemy guns blazing... And dies after five seconds.
ipIn positionTells the team leader and others that you are in the given position
phPoint man holdTells the point man to hold position and wait for new orders
pmPoint man moveTells the point man to continue.
usvUnidentified Server VisitorSee "tourist".
!Visual contactSame as "vc", usually used by the point man to report enemy contacts
brbBe right backLike "afk", it's used to inform other players that you'll be "away" for a while
touristNon-regular playerAlso used to describe those players who don't know or don't care about the server's rules
nvNo visual contact
vcVisual contact
hpHold position
miaMissing in action
wiaWounded in action
tyThank you
fawFire at will
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