Server rules

The Meat Grinder

There's several servers running 24/7. The servers are:

NameIP addressOperatorMaps
The Meat Grinder #1 TurtumaVC + FA + Frontier + Riverdale
The Meat Grinder #2 TurtumaVC + FA + Frontier + Riverdale
The Meat Grinder #3 TurtumaCustom maps
The Meat Grinder (Special) TurtumaMaps vary greatly, online ONLY on saturday evenings starting at 2000TMG

Server settings

  • Vietnam mode
  • Vietnam difficulty
  • Team kill kick off: 2 and ban for 10 hours
  • Ban kicked player for: 10 hours
  • Idle player kick: 5min


Dallas, Don Turtuma, JerK, Mr. Ben, Osmo, Paula, Silent Death, Randy, Rev. Charlie, Ron4Swat, Trit, XxX, Zero and Assassin.

Official server rules

  • Team respawn + map restart
  • Rejoining to bypass team respawn is not allowed. If you die, you have to wait until team respawn!
  • Voice chat enabled - if you play on the server you should enable it too, but please don't use the voice activation!
  • No gook weapons, Sten or USM3 allowed! Unless the team leader says otherwise. Server admins can overrule the team leader's decision, if they want to.
  • You do as you are told to do, and if you don't like it; just go away.
  • 100% team play; if you go Rambo, go away
  • No grenade spamming or infinite ammo refills! One shot, one kill is the way to go.
  • No radiomen and even if they are enabled, no AS unless the team leader gives you the order!
  • Snipers are not the ultimate killing machines; you do as you are told to do. (see the sniper rule)
  • If you are told to leave the server to free up a slot, please do so. Don't try to do anything funny; next time when you show your face on the server you'll get banned!
  • FRAGS doesn't mean anything on this server! The team and the mission are everything!
  • TK is strictly prohibited! If you TK you get kicked and/or banned
  • The official language on the server is English

The sniper rule

  • if the leader of a round says he doesn't need a sniper, then the sniper has to take another class, which means the leader decides wether there is a sniper or not.
  • the sniper should never act solo, there is always someone there to issue a fire order to the sniper (normally the team leader but it can be a spotter too) which means, the sniper must report every contact, and ask for permission to fire each time, he doesn't just fire at will (leader can issue a fire at will command for the sniper if he feels it is necessary)

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