Mission: Operation Funpark

Mission-Plan for Nva-Base

Author: green monkey

The mission plan and map

primary mission objective: blow up the flak-cannon
secondary mission objective: no casualties

a squad is inserted into jungle, and proceeds uphill to the well known NVA-base. when they reach it, operation funpark beginns. There is a map of the base, which was used together with information from recon and previous operations to make a detailed plan of the procedure in this mission.
here is you briefing soldier, and dont forget to study the map!

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-after arrival, one soldier goes north and secures the whole area by holding position 1
his priority is to be not detected by the enemy and not engage in a firefight
he is only authorized to take out vc that want to enter the outer area or are attacking him already

-the rest of the team goes to the east,clears tunnel entrance and enters the tunnel
(position 1 can be reinforced by one soldier if team is big enough)
the team secures position 2 and moves west through the tunnel
either one man stays at position 2 and covers the north tunnel entry or the engineer traps the tunnel behind the team

-the team moves through tunnel, clears the underground-room and prepares to exit the tunnel
(one man covers the entrance of the second tunnel on upper level)
soldier 1 peeks out, checks the room and then covers the south-east room-entrance, noone leaves the tunnel yet
soldier 2 covers soldier 1 from 2 steps behind him, when its clear, he moves into the room to cover the north-east room-entrance
(when both entrys are covered, the team moves in)

-when its safe two soldiers should move to the upper level, but the north-east entrance to the room must stay covered
one soldier secures the entrance to the second tunnel
the other one moves to position 3, from where he covers both entrances to the room
the rest of the team can now move to the second tunnel, enter it and move to position 4

1(+1) soldiers at position 1
(1 soldier at position 2)
1 soldier at position 3
rest of team at position 4

-now 2 soldiers at position 4 move to the outside, one securing the right, the other the left
this can be done with support from soldiers at positions 1+3, which distract the enemy by throwing grenades to the south-east
when the exit is secured, the rest of the team joins them and secures the whole area

-the team moves to the north-east to place explosives at the flak-cannon and then retreats through the tunnels
(if there is reason to believe the tunnels are no save way for a retreat .. the team should try to continue south-east. they can be covered from high-spots. all is marked in map)
the flak-cannon should be blown as soon as the team is in safe distance

-soldier from position 1 is picked up by the team, all leave the way they arrived

Reconnaissance photos

Position 1
entrance to the first tunnel
Position 2
exit of the first tunnel
(view at entrance to second tunnel)
exit of the first tunnel
(view from outside)
Position 3
(view at the 2 entrances to the room)
Position 4
exit of the second tunnel
(view from outside)
the flak-cannon


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