Mission: Operation Backstabber

Mission plan for the Frontier map

Author: Uncle Fester

The mission plan and map

This is my beta plan for the frontier map that I have come to after discussion with Toccoa and Don Turtuma.

*1: Run to the bunkers and prepare to defend yourselves. the VC probably attacks in 2 waves with some time between!

*2: Regroup at carport if it is not an hotplace, sniper check for VC snipers in the forest, be prepared for another attack from the VC

*3: Regroup at the fallen Huey and split into two teams consisting of Alpha and Bravo.
Alpha (assault) team are the Green markings and Team Bunny Light Blue Markings
Bravo (Silent) team are the Purple markings

Bunny consist of 2 soldiers that distract the enemy at the camp so the Alpha can make an surprise attack. The bunny's Makes a hasty move in from the left and starts a quick fire Alt. grenade attack then moves with haste to Aplha as the markings on the map are pointed out.
Before the Alpha team attacks the Bravo team must be at their final destination and have given the sign to attack. The Alpha gives Bunny a signal and then the attack begins.

This plans can be changed so stay tuned and updated for further information.

//Uncle Fester.

Reconnaissance photos

The base. Defend it!
The Huey
The ruins
The big tree
Silent team's destination
The VC base
The VC base


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