Fixed category selection in the Downloads

Fixed category selection in the Downloads
I noticed that category selection didn't work in the Downloads, filtering didn't work if you chose like VET maps or something, it always showed all files. I wonder how long it's been like this and I don't understand how it got broken...

Anyway, it's fixed now and filtering works.

28.07.2021 by Don Turtuma

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29.07.2021 04:41:03 by Icarus
Thank you for fixing this!!

15.02.2022 23:12:25 by ENORONE
Glad to see there is some activity on the host side. VET always been one of my favorites and VC always have a place in my heart.

20.09.2022 23:26:07 by Osmo
Thanks for the fix :)

21.07.2023 15:50:31 by tune
Vietcong never die ;)

23.07.2023 12:32:49 by Stefano
Vietcong will never die! :-)

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