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The "Latest new files" section was causing problems and I decided to disable it. I'll enable it again when I figure out what's wrong, the damn thing has been running for over 10 years without problems...

02.03.2017 by Don Turtuma

Latest new files disabled (02.03.2017)

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01.05.2017 22:26:27 by Alois
Thanks for keeping this site alive

06.05.2017 15:17:30 by Tarzan
Good site

19.05.2017 09:03:24 by mowgli girl

08.06.2017 22:52:42 by barbare
Thx For keep this site alive and we hope see vietcong in steam ... ;) soon.

19.10.2017 14:49:59 by Camo
Guys do you think VIETCONG MULTIPLAYER is still running ?

22.10.2017 01:17:16 by Assassin
Gamespy is no longer supporting Vietcong, but Gamespy emulation is being hosted by the community so servers are still visible in the server list with some tweaking.
Ask around here if you want to fix the server list:
or just go to where you can see a list of the servers and join through the website, it will have you download a .bat file every time you want to join a server, it launches VC and joins the server automatically when you run it.

09.02.2018 21:11:10 by Chris
For anyone who loves Vietcong check out Rising Storm 2 on Steam, it looks amazing and draws alot of ideas from Vietcong such as Iron Sights, classes and the need to go low and slow to survive!

No Coop but a really well implemented Squad System.

24.04.2018 17:03:12 by kistu
hi everyone!

there is still 12-14 of us in Serbia, playing CTF of this great game!
we are there from the begining, an we just love it more than any other game!

is there a buch of someone, who wants to cross guns with us? :)

12.07.2018 01:31:12 by Col Hanzaplast [fr]
Is it possible to play Rising Storm 2 without Steam ?

See you in jungle.
Col Hanzaplast

28.11.2018 01:27:59 by Chris

Col Hanzaplast, if you can buy a copy of the game somewhere other than Steam yes, it'll work without it.

But why do you want to do that?

BTW the devs for this game have now promised that BOTS will be added early next year!

Hopefully there'll add a COOP mode.


Sgt. Elias

03.12.2018 10:36:23 by Apache DSOP
We should setup a reunion :)

12.02.2019 22:37:05 by Osmo
I miss all of you guys :)

17.12.2019 00:27:56 by john hispano
hello Osmo

12.01.2020 13:39:27 by Chris
Hey everyone

Rising Storm 2 has unfortunately had support stopped by its Devs but there is a strong mod community. I'm currently playing a mod called Winter War which is based on the war between Finland and Russia. If anyone's interested they have a discord channel.


Chris (Aka Sgt. Elias)

15.10.2020 03:07:27 by Ageloerks
Thank you for your work with this page.
this page is worth gold for vietcong players :D

15.10.2020 03:07:43 by Ageloerks
Thank you for your work with this page.
this page is worth gold for vietcong players :D

28.01.2021 18:41:22 by Col Hanzaplast
Hello Band of Vietcongs !

Today I use Starter 1.7 beta. Fine on my Seven64.

I used rpload command to play a replay file dated 2004 ! Succes but I see magenta lines from shooter.

Now if I rpstart "MyFile" a new session, wait then rpend, file is generated. It's seems OK.
If I do rpload MyFile, Vietcong game crashs !

Any idea ?
Col Hanzaplast

14.01.2022 21:01:53 by Matt/Ger
Hi Guys Mates,
I found a new Home for playing Vietcong by Vietcong4ever or 2 coop server 2 ctf server stable and smart with ts server and.and we see us (hopefully)

greets Matt

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