TMG 7 years!

Yep, it's that time of the year.
Yep, it's that time of the year. Time to celebrate the 7 years of TMG servers with the traditional ATG/TT/CTF/whatever night. :)

Details will follow later.

30.03.2011 by Don Turtuma

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03.04.2011 20:29:59 by Motown
grtz guys lets have an other 7!

13.04.2011 06:23:58 by Whiterabbit01
Wow, I was amazed to find you still around. I loved Vietcong when it was first released and played it to death. Not played it since Battlefireld 2 was released, so it's been a long time. I was searching through my game shelves and grabbed it. Glad I did. Even though the graphics are now rather dated, it's still an atmospheric game.

I noticed there were 4 players on the servers. Again a nice surprise. Much like Men of /valor; there appears to be a small die hard group still playing that game as well.

Does anyone know whether P{teridon are planning a new game or are tehy a dead developer now???? Pity if its the latter as I'd love to see a Vietcong 3. It's about time we got a new Vietnam game. :)

15.04.2011 19:25:35 by Hoops
Congratz. I also dusted off VC2 recently, still like it :-) The original VC was great at the time, aiming down the sites, gun moved out of the way when you got up to a wall, and of course Halong Port. Loved the M16, at the time I got pretty good with it (not now tho lol). I spent hours on the map :-D

Glad to see there are still seevral VC/VC2 players around.

21.12.2011 02:12:55 by Mudspanker
congrats :)

11.02.2012 23:38:01 by Nix
That means it's soon gonna be 8 years:)

Hi Don, looong time no see.

21.02.2012 20:52:11 by Chavez
Congrats on your 8th year anniversary... And i will add to Nix's above comment, looooong time Don. Any game projects you working on currently? I need updated ventrilo TS ips also, so we can talk.

Rick (Chavez_US)

23.08.2012 07:25:46 by lee
Plz keep vietcong alive

30.12.2014 13:24:05 by The ACE
Yeah still a great game, still not found a game what compares the skill of Vietcong!

02.02.2015 15:53:09 by KANE
Will you guys still bring up your servers? I enjoyed playing with you years ago...and the game it self makes me comeback to it every now and then...

14.04.2015 14:37:06 by Don Turtuma
I have so slow Internet connection at the moment that it's not possible to run servers. When that changes I might put some servers online. But don't hold your breath. :)

20.05.2015 18:26:12 by Lerner
Enjoyed my time on the grinders but life goes on, don't think many people would still play on them. Thanks for years of getting shot at and best of luck with your wacky projects Sir!

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