TMG 7 years!

Yep, it's that time of the year.
Yep, it's that time of the year. Time to celebrate the 7 years of TMG servers with the traditional ATG/TT/CTF/whatever night. :)

Details will follow later.

30.03.2011 by Don Turtuma

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03.04.2011 20:29:59 by Motown
grtz guys lets have an other 7!

13.04.2011 06:23:58 by Whiterabbit01
Wow, I was amazed to find you still around. I loved Vietcong when it was first released and played it to death. Not played it since Battlefireld 2 was released, so it's been a long time. I was searching through my game shelves and grabbed it. Glad I did. Even though the graphics are now rather dated, it's still an atmospheric game.

I noticed there were 4 players on the servers. Again a nice surprise. Much like Men of /valor; there appears to be a small die hard group still playing that game as well.

Does anyone know whether P{teridon are planning a new game or are tehy a dead developer now???? Pity if its the latter as I'd love to see a Vietcong 3. It's about time we got a new Vietnam game. :)

15.04.2011 19:25:35 by Hoops
Congratz. I also dusted off VC2 recently, still like it :-) The original VC was great at the time, aiming down the sites, gun moved out of the way when you got up to a wall, and of course Halong Port. Loved the M16, at the time I got pretty good with it (not now tho lol). I spent hours on the map :-D

Glad to see there are still seevral VC/VC2 players around.

21.12.2011 02:12:55 by Mudspanker
congrats :)

11.02.2012 23:38:01 by Nix
That means it's soon gonna be 8 years:)

Hi Don, looong time no see.

21.02.2012 20:52:11 by Chavez
Congrats on your 8th year anniversary... And i will add to Nix's above comment, looooong time Don. Any game projects you working on currently? I need updated ventrilo TS ips also, so we can talk.

Rick (Chavez_US)

23.08.2012 07:25:46 by lee
Plz keep vietcong alive

30.12.2014 13:24:05 by The ACE
Yeah still a great game, still not found a game what compares the skill of Vietcong!

02.02.2015 15:53:09 by KANE
Will you guys still bring up your servers? I enjoyed playing with you years ago...and the game it self makes me comeback to it every now and then...

14.04.2015 14:37:06 by Don Turtuma
I have so slow Internet connection at the moment that it's not possible to run servers. When that changes I might put some servers online. But don't hold your breath. :)

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