VC2 server down permanently

Due to lack of players I've decided to shutdown the Vietcong 2 server.

The game had a lot of potential, but it never became the game it should have been.

All VC1 servers will keep running.

13.07.2007 by Don Turtuma

VC2 server down permanently (13.07.2007)

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31.08.2009 14:26:14 by Desty
It ain't down, after two years...

31.08.2009 21:42:28 by Don Turtuma
Good point! :D

I put the server back online after about a year after I posted that. Should have probably posted another news item back then...

26.04.2010 23:25:00 by Cheesehead
Dear Don Turtuma,

It was good to close down de VC 2 server.
The game is bad.
VC 1 (i'm still playing it) is much more realistic and more fun to play.

With regarts


09.05.2010 22:54:42 by Matt
the vc2 server didn,t down i don,t call for restart at the moment :D and i think its to much work to upgrade maplist for Don

28.08.2017 19:49:06 by Melber
Open server back please :(

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