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Uploaded26.11.2008 22:43:22 / Jackson
Downloads1812 / 20.05.2024 23:50:14
DescriptionThis night-time mission is based upon the multiplayer 'Arroyo' map and features creatively balanced lighting to ensure excellent gameplay even though the action takes place in the dark.

A weary U.S. Special Forces Unit is returning to basecamp deep in the night when the engine of the Huey develops a fault and bursts into flames; the pilot makes an heroic emergency landing but does not survive the crash. The team are shaken and bruised but alive, and must make a stand against the superior numbers of VC who are rapidly closing in on the crash site. There is only one option, to fight to the last man and to avoid capture at all costs.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 01.08.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the creativity involved in producing this map.

COOP(6), ATG(30), CTF(24), DM (30)


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