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Filename07JANUARY1967.rar (164) Download Link to file
Size13085 KB
Uploaded11.08.2004 16:38:31 / Jack Randall
Downloads5526 / 26.04.2024 15:04:38
Description07thJanuary1967 V3 by SeeK

COOP (best in VC mode)

This map has appeared on many servers for sometime and its worth playing. Best with restricted ammo rules !!!!



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06.06.2010 08:26:06 by Anton
Need help at this map.
Every time i started the map, the game crashed.
I have the latest patch installed and fist alpha addon.
Can someone help me?

06.06.2010 18:24:43 by Peter Shannon
Anton, check the setup window of the game. If you have set "textures in video memory" it can cause crash of the game at the end of maploading for some maps (07JANUARY1967 map is one of them). It is better to set "textures in system memory". All maps run with this setting and also maploading is faster.
Peter Shannon, Alpha Team,

14.06.2010 03:01:22 by Rocky
It can be a Joinbug.
While loading the map press ALT+TAB and let the pc switch to desktop. wait a few seconds and then enter the game again.
maybe youre lucky and it work. greets

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