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Vietcong (729) Download Link to file
Size310 KB
Uploaded04.04.2012 16:50:06 / Chavez
Downloads8235 / 04.06.2024 22:10:07
DescriptionHere is the tool needed for installing Vietcong on Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems:

VC Starter

There is an associated video on Youtube on how to do this as well:



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04.02.2015 07:51:33 by Ahoy Mateys!
Oy u guys still playin VC mates? Lets go im on, yes !

08.02.2015 11:09:02 by Lerner
About freaking time troop! There are still some sneaking around as well, maybe if you stay alive long enough you'll find them.;)

28.02.2015 11:53:51 by ::Crocker::[LV]
Lerner is still alive, i thought VC got you in Battle of A Shau :O

05.03.2015 11:42:06 by |BEL| Jesse
Stil some old names spamming by here. :) Just passing by, Too bad VC Coop is this inactive.

17.12.2015 15:32:34 by Attentive visitor
Hm, during last eight months 5-10 downloads every day? Vietcong doesn't already have so many players. This is only ludicrous attempt to get VCstarter on absolute top in number of downloads.
For "hard-working" downloader: This is old version VCstarter, not newest. About 1700 people need old version? Hahahaha.

23.12.2015 09:36:37 by Don Turtuma
Probably at least half or more of the downloads on the top files are fake. They are probably caused by bots and such. Or there's a bug in my download counter code. :)

Annoying? Yes, but it's not the end of the world. :)

26.12.2015 21:16:51 by [ATZ]Sandi79
no more MP servers :( or I did i miss something?

13.01.2016 16:52:41 by xhc
multiplayer still alive:

visit vietcong1. eu

(also read FAQ on that site)

29.03.2017 17:11:06 by Blood201997
When I clicked extract file it said no files to be extracted

04.04.2017 12:50:44 by Intruder
If you still can't extract the exe from the zip file, try this link to obtain the latest version of the VCStarter program:

Note: re-write the "http" correctly!


22.02.2018 20:34:54 by Exper
I'm faster than ever with my goldfingers :o

02.04.2018 20:53:07 by Exper
- What's your memory of coop ?
Exper : I had great times on, i remember it was well administred. I think MB was really tatented with the servers/scripts and both of them with Shogun had a interesting view on coop, the internet site was nice too. For the law on the servers, some old school players like The Ace or MadDog were administrating with the strict ethic they learned on the 6th Sense servers so it avoided the ramboing. The gameplay changed when pick-up artists from a second generation arrived, the teamplay mentality was into them but they had more skills, thé game had years and they could clean maps by themselves so became the times of the great balance, it wasn't about fraghunting or stats but the hundreds of perfects. You had some "perfect" artists. Thé sensation of à perfect without casualties is still alive, like i said MB made it possible by changing the coop to another level.
- Do you remember the names/nicks of some of the players that impressed you ?
Exper : I believe Krakatoa was probably the best player technicaly, he's à legend that really inspired me, he was also à total gentleman on servers. Sgt.X from Italia was skilled also. I was impressed by some TLs too, some of them had serious team plans that made the rounds very interesting. You know we're talking about dozens of thousands of missions, years of work. We're not talking about big forum guys/posters with thousand posts and no play. We're talking about the ones that gave years to this, it's a lot of sacrifices, and it's same when you come to mapping, scripting... When you're into graffiti you want to be all-city, to be thé king of thé city, it's same for coop, you chase thé perfecto, to be thé king of thé jungle. Hard work baby, only hard work Ask someone like Rick/Chavez from VET to tell you about VC dévotion.
- No doubt, no doubt. Speaking about VET, what is the beef with TRAVX all about ?
Exper : i was looking for new releases on Jari's site (Vietcong Coop) and what i see, the most unfair coopist trolling on the comments of the Citadelle remake.
Bitching and whining like à spoiled kid, claiming i stole à terrain or trees from à VET Map. I remember asking personaly Rick/Chavez if i could use thé .bes. I did and now he's crying i should have put a VET name in front of my level. TRAVX is à disgrace for the VET clan, for years he entered thé coop servers, doesn't salute, fails and leave without thé end without waiting. Very rude, TRAVX is a gringo, à total scumbag :o
- You still play?
Without any talk or politics,now we have VC flying on choppers on our maps you know, trying to release new scripts wherever i'm not banned, i would like to share this pack with you.
- Looking for it bruh, thanks you.
Exper : Thks m8

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