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Vietcong (729) Download Link to file
Size310 KB
Uploaded04.04.2012 16:50:06 / Chavez
Downloads7067 / 21.01.2018 12:28:32
DescriptionHere is the tool needed for installing Vietcong on Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems:

VC Starter

There is an associated video on Youtube on how to do this as well:


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04.02.2015 07:51:33 by Ahoy Mateys!
Oy u guys still playin VC mates? Lets go im on, yes !

08.02.2015 11:09:02 by Lerner
About freaking time troop! There are still some sneaking around as well, maybe if you stay alive long enough you'll find them.;)

28.02.2015 11:53:51 by ::Crocker::[LV]
Lerner is still alive, i thought VC got you in Battle of A Shau :O

05.03.2015 11:42:06 by |BEL| Jesse
Stil some old names spamming by here. :) Just passing by, Too bad VC Coop is this inactive.

17.12.2015 15:32:34 by Attentive visitor
Hm, during last eight months 5-10 downloads every day? Vietcong doesn't already have so many players. This is only ludicrous attempt to get VCstarter on absolute top in number of downloads.
For "hard-working" downloader: This is old version VCstarter, not newest. About 1700 people need old version? Hahahaha.

23.12.2015 09:36:37 by Don Turtuma
Probably at least half or more of the downloads on the top files are fake. They are probably caused by bots and such. Or there's a bug in my download counter code. :)

Annoying? Yes, but it's not the end of the world. :)

26.12.2015 21:16:51 by [ATZ]Sandi79
no more MP servers :( or I did i miss something?

13.01.2016 16:52:41 by xhc
multiplayer still alive:

visit vietcong1. eu

(also read FAQ on that site)

29.03.2017 17:11:06 by Blood201997
When I clicked extract file it said no files to be extracted

04.04.2017 12:50:44 by Intruder
If you still can't extract the exe from the zip file, try this link to obtain the latest version of the VCStarter program:

Note: re-write the "http" correctly!


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