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FilenameChavezGrass.rar (728) Download Link to file
Size549 KB
Uploaded02.04.2012 02:49:34 / Chavez
Downloads112 / 18.03.2024 18:01:58
DescriptionVET - Chavez Grass Objects for Editor

3 styles of 3 each (Straight w bend, Sloped w bend, and circular)

1. Place BES's in Levels->Mapname->OBJ folder
2. Place textures in Levels->Mapname->Tex folder
3. Open Editor
4. Click Tools -> Rebuild TexDb
5. Click File -> Open -> Mapname.sco
6. In Editor Panel -> Database -> Current Level -> OBJ(ECTS) will be the files you are looking for...

If you can think of any other variations let me know...

Chavez_US (Rick)


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