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Vietcong 2
FilenameFRENCHROUTE.rar (725) Download Link to file
Size18455 KB
Uploaded18.03.2012 17:29:05 / Chavez
Downloads175 / 10.07.2023 23:47:33
DescriptionLevel folder for French Route VC2. (By Luke and Andy from Indiglow)

Here is the level folder for French Route. This contains a flying helicopter which does loops through the mission, and crew members can be on-board firing a mounted M60 at the VC on the terrain.

You will have to open this map in your editor, and also open the scipting files associated with the copter to see how it all works...

Rick (Chavez_US)



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14.09.2015 11:46:43 by 1111
You are not allowed to post comments with links

14.09.2015 18:44:10 by Lerner
Tell that to Chavez, maybe you can find him at the VET forum.

20.09.2015 00:49:15 by Assassin
Chavez is MIA afaik, last activity I know of is from mid 2013

20.09.2015 15:13:06 by Lerner
It was a reaction to one of my comments and not to the map. Sorry, gotta think more and type less.;)

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