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Vietcong 2
FilenameMegaCollectionOLD.rar (723) Download Link to file
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Uploaded29.02.2012 09:29:54 / Chavez
Downloads197 / 19.03.2021 10:43:58

Starting with the basics. This content has been availiable over the last 8 years. There are some fixes i have personally made to "some" objects in these packs. Not physically changed the objects size, but improved the polygon counts, and re-UVW mapped the textures.

Some objects have to be manipulated/scaled on different axises to make them realistically sized.

Place the .bes files into the objects file, and the textures into the tex file. Rebuild texdatabase, in the editor, and re-open your terrainname.sco ... In your editor panel, underneath "Current Level" there will be a subfolder named OBJ or OBJECTS. Click on the plus sign, and all of the bes'es will be there for you to click on and check out. If a texture appears white, then you have two textures of the same name in a tex folder within the main tex folder. Simply delete one of the duplicates.

Next uploads will be categorized, and new (some brand new)
More to come over the next couple of days.

Rick (Chavez_US)


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