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FilenameVET_IA_DRANG.rar (682) Download Link to file
Size29238 KB
Uploaded13.12.2011 09:37:13 / Chavez
Downloads444 / 17.08.2019 00:05:55
DescriptionVET IA DRANG

While on patrol in the valley of Ia Drang, your pointman notices a bridge and a distant temple. Take your elite squad of soldiers and secure the area. Prepare for battle, kill all enemy contacts!

Coop 10 US soldiers versus 52 AI
CTF 20 US versus 20 Vietcong

Many thanks to all of the VETMET beta testers involved with the creation of this mission.


Special Thanks to Ando for his scripting knowledge related to random whip/mace traps i placed throughout the terrain. *Additional thanks to L|DC-78 for making/altering most of the trees throughout the terrain.

Custom 3dsmax terrain and streams by R.Copeland (Chavez_US)
Imported huts and Temples by TRAVX

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13.12.2011 14:10:50 by L|DC-78
jo, nice map and my trees are really looking good on it. hmmm did i miss something? would be cool you ask or give some credits, next time. anyway it's a very good map, keep it up VET

13.12.2011 16:36:35 by Chavez
Sorry for not crediting your work L|DC-78. I thought these trees were from VC2 and had no idea you made/altered them. I'll add the credit to the descriptions. AND, long time no see man, i hope all is well with you and your family through the upcoming holidays. Chavez.

05.01.2012 09:01:23 by Gritschmeier
Thank you

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