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Map packs
Filenameex_map_pack.rar (673) Download Link to file
Size121690 KB
Uploaded11.07.2011 10:24:13 / Exper
Downloads1046 / 28.11.2020 12:22:11
DescriptionExper's map pack.

Descriptions :

Cement_Dust_ex :
A coop version of the CTF classic.
Players : 12
stability: stable

CW_Prophet_ex :
A coop version of the Pterodon CTF/ATG map.
Players : 10. 53 VC
stability: stable

A TourCoop on Gianko Monzilla's Haiphong CTF map.
Mission : Kill VC Commander
Players : 10
stability: unstable

RiverDale_night_ex :
A coop night remake of the Pterodon map
Players : 12. 51 VC instead of 15.
stability : stable

Sniper_City_ex :
A coop version of 100%'s City map
Players : 12
stability: stable

Station_ex :
A coop version of Red Terror's CTF map
Players : 12. 46 VC
Stability: stable

SoV_Hanoi_v1.01_ex :
A coop version of Street Of Vietnam's Hanoi
Players: 13
Stability: stable

WWW_Chong_Hing_ex :
A coop version of WWWDaDude's Chong Hing
Players: 12
Stability : stable
bug : joinbug after mission started on teamrespawn mode

Old-River-Coop :
Polini's coop version of Shevket's CTF map
Players: 10. 49 VC
Stability: stable

Comments (8) Add comment

21.12.2011 09:00:41 by Exper
Hello Don Turtuma

Could you upload this one for me please ?

Name : citadel_ex.rar
Size : 30.2 MB
Players : 10 max
VC : around 50
Status : stable

Mission : use teamwork to escape the citadel

Download link :

22.12.2011 15:41:00 by Don Turtuma
Contact me via the Feedback and I'll create an account for you.

03.01.2012 04:07:36 by Exper

A coop version for the =SEF= Betzdorf ctf map , for those who like urban maps.
Players max : 10
VC : around 50


Thank you

10.01.2012 00:48:14 by Exper

Size : 8.2 MB
VC : 57
Players : 6 max
Description : a coop version for the fishmarket


30.07.2012 01:28:28 by Exper
hello, messed up with password, account locked :(
some fast food :

name : Maradona_ex2
description : only Maradona is fast enough to beat this map by himself so you'll need some team to cover you if you want a success. Enjoy
players : 10 max
vc : "unknowned" around 45
stability : seems good, no problems reported
Download link :

Description : coop version for Bubba Zane's ctf classic
players : 10
vc : "unknowned"
stability : good, seems ok
Download link :

30.07.2012 10:31:21 by Don Turtuma
If you forget your password, you can request a new one from the login screen. :)

30.07.2012 18:48:33 by Exper
roger that sir.

08.08.2012 16:43:54 by Exper
tryed a couple times, but says invalid password each time, i don't understand why

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