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Uploaded17.06.2010 20:57:07 / Intruder
Downloads422 / 10.06.2022 16:48:27

Presentation :
My main objective with the "VC_maps" is to stay as close as possible the original ones but "corrected" to have the nicest versions, free of bugs, for the best gameplay and immersion!

The mission :
We were gone, with a truck, to go catch some supplies for our base located on the hills in the Indian Country; but during our absentee, the Vietcong discovered and attacked our camp!
We must take the base back to keep the control on this road!

Note :
-Respawning points have been moved back! You will have the time, now, to set your team and tactic without to be attacked by the Vietcong!

Modes :
The "classic one" we all know, with...
-Addition of extra weapons (they will depend of the mission)!
-The weapons will disappear if you drop them on the ground but...
-Extra weapons will reappear.

The "classic one" we all know but...
-WITHOUT the extra weapons!
-The weapons WON'T disappear if you drop them on the ground!
-Kills and Deaths are hidden by pressing the "TAB" key.

This "mode" is the Coop one but without the vc bots; ideal to "discover" the map, set tactics, take screenshots or...whatever!
In this mode, don't use the whole team as the respawn method or avoid to die (no respawn)!

Map specifications :
-US players: 8
-VC bots: 51
-Modes: Coop, Coop', Discovery
-Extra weapons: YES
-Ammoboxes: 3 (ON/OFF)
-Skins by default: YES (original, no stripes)
-VC alone or VC + FA compatible (1.60 patch)!

-Read me file included.
-Date of release: 12/06/10



Comments (3) Add comment

04.03.2011 07:23:32 by Callahan
Another Storm version ? What is next ? VC_Arroyo ? Keep up the excellent work

20.03.2011 00:12:02 by Intruder
Hmmm, no. I'm not planning to create another "VC_ version" of the Storm map... But concerning a VC_Arroyo version, it's still possible! ;-)

24.03.2011 01:10:49 by Callahan
Can't wait :)

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