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Uploaded07.02.2010 07:36:09 / Intruder
Downloads776 / 10.06.2022 16:49:07

Presentation :
My main objective with the "VC_maps" is to stay as close as possible the original ones but "corrected" to have the nicest versions, free of bugs, for the best gameplay and immersion!

The mission : "Operation Tin Can"
Air recons have detected enemy tanks alongside the old French Route in the AShau Valley.
We will be inserted with Shrew Two in the clearing not far away the cantilever bridge that spans the Khe Bana river...
Once Shrew Two will have secured the Southern end of the road bridge, our team will cross the river.
When the enemy armor has been disarmed, rejoin Shrew Three for immediate extraction.

Notes :
VC_FrenchRoute_A is the first map to play for the "Operation Tin Can" mission (2 maps)!
I strongly advise you to download and play both maps as "one mission"! ;)

Modes :
The "classic one" we all know, with...
-Addition of extra weapons (they will depend of the mission)!
-The weapons will disappear if you drop them on the ground but...
-Extra weapons will reappear.

The "classic one" we all know but...
-WITHOUT the extra weapons!
-The weapons WON'T disappear if you drop them on the ground!
-Kills and Deaths are hidden by pressing the "TAB" key.

This "mode" is the Coop one but without the vc bots; ideal to "discover" the map, set tactics, take screenshots or...whatever!
In this mode, don't use the whole team as the respawn method or avoid to die (no respawn)!

Map specifications :
-US players: 8
-VC bots: 45
-Modes: Coop, Coop', Discovery
-Extra weapons: YES
-Ammoboxes: 5 (ON/OFF)
-Skins by default: YES (original, with stripes)
-VC alone or VC + FA compatible (1.60 patch)!

-Read me file included.
-Date of release: 05/02/10



Comments (8) Add comment

09.02.2010 12:53:34 by Anonymous coward
Nice map!

04.02.2011 06:54:40 by Darkyautja
Very good one ! thx for map !

25.02.2011 22:12:03 by chofpa
sucky remake

27.02.2011 23:37:30 by Intruder
It's not a remake, it's an UPDATE! Read the "Read Me" file and you will understand...

28.02.2011 07:30:48 by chofpa
No offense,just saying it's a massive suck from the original one.I downloaded it because i liked the Intrusion map and i was expecting action, and i found the same old Frenchroute map.So yeah, maybe some light changes (lightmaps,fps) but still the same shiny textures,annoying sounds and sleeping VCs.I felt asleep very fast, i was expecting more than a "foutage de gueule" from you

03.03.2011 06:55:11 by Intruder
Sucky comments! I'm not going to lose my time with such unfair, untrue and aggressive arguments... End of the "discussion"!

06.12.2013 15:19:16 by Gook
The best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07.12.2013 08:30:03 by {420}Ninjutsu
Good job !!!

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