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Alpha Team [AT]
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Uploaded23.12.2009 01:15:29 / AT
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Coop map for VC1 created by Drago, Alpha Team,

A few month after destroying of the enemy rocket base in DamNhaPhu an air reconnaissance revealed another base, which was hidden on the rocky shore. That base could be the same menace as DamNhaPhu was. So two days ago US marines made an attack on that base. But we have lost a radio contact with them....
Your team's tasks are clear. Infiltrate into the base. Find out what has become of US marines. Rescue eventual captives. Explore the base and eliminate its menace.

Coop mode only.
10 players
42 bots

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30.12.2009 19:15:19 by DIVX
dnp rip :(

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