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Alpha Team [AT]
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Uploaded04.11.2009 22:30:21 / AT
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Coop map for VC1 created by Vaclav, Alpha Team,

This is a remake of Arooga City map by Tune. Last year Bob reworked Tune's map. It could be played by 16 players (6 players only on original Arooga City) against 42 bots. Some objects were added into the map and some bots were moved. Also respawn points were moved on the opposite map side. But Bob's version had one fundamental mistake - character of Hawkins had white face (missing texture). So that map was removed from website for repairing. But Bob has never repaired his map because of lack of free time.
Some time ago I tried to repair Bob's map and I added some small improvements - new US uniform skin, new skins for some weapons (AK47, Scorpion, Thompson, M1, M14, Remington 870), more bots and more waypoints for them, new object of sightseeing tower, US weapons for some bots, the fence in Baikal street was removed, etc.

My version of map has slightly different name compared to Bob's version:
[AT]urban_warfare - old version (Bob)
[AT]Urban_Warfare - actual version

IMPORTANT: If you don't have the Fist Alpha Add-on, some of the bots will look like "Hawkins" (including new US uniform skin, but with Vietnamese caps).

Enjoy urban warfare. :-)

Coop mode only.
12 players
51 bots

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12.04.2010 21:41:18 by hoddaers ken
my compliments for this map
is better map than before

12.04.2010 22:16:45 by hoddaers ken
the ak 47 looks very good
so is the scorpion
i am very happy with the new map

28.03.2015 21:19:38 by phil
this map is awesome, and Ive been running a dedicated server in eastern us with it! me and my family love it and appericate the time and work put into it!

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