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Vietcong 2
FilenameVC2_INC.rar (652) Download Link to file
Size198 KB
Uploaded06.09.2009 21:52:31 / Chavez
Downloads230 / 20.07.2023 20:54:50
DescriptionHere are all of the scripts provided to me by (which is now non-existant) for VC2 editing...

There are numerous scripts here...Additionally you may find it difficult to mix scripts from Honzo, Maxovo, and Shigor to solve coop scripting...

What i was told is, not to mix them, if you use shigors scripts,...strictly use his scripts for that game mode...if you mix Shigors script with Maxovo's scripts you will get numerous errors, and can not finalize a map...If you use Maxovo scripts then strictly use Maxovo scripts...etc...

These scripts will go into your:

VC2 editor/dev/compiler after you extract this there you will have:

VC2 editor/dev/compiler/inc

Rick (Chavez_US)


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